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Olivier Rousteing Shares His Recovery Story From Last Year’s Fireplace Burns

Olivier Rousteing applauded for the determination

We are here to shed some light on the recent big news which came in as Olivier Rousteing shared the side of moving story of his burns.


Olivier Rousteing is a famous personality who is basically known as standing out as the big designer and though the celebration for the 10th anniversary took place last month whereas the creative director of the house of Balmain was hugely applauded in the time. Mentioning the fact that the personality went on to put a show which came out to be amazing and though lived up to the expectations with presenting such a big show in the time. The designer is said to have a bright vision towards the work he does and that there is no doubt in this part as he went on to deliver the show with the best updates.

Olivier Rousteing

The attendees were present in the number rate of 6,000 and though there was a performance on the show by Doja Cat and though the runway walks went on to be represented by the big names such as Naomi Campbell and Carla Bruni whereas the other good part which was featured in the show was a voiceover which came forward in order for his work courtesy celebration of Beyoncé. All the flawless performances along with the brilliant style and manner were dedicated to the personality with the signature style which was unmistakable. It was a kind of gesture that actually showed how everyone appreciates the personality determination towards the work for about a decade and how he has put every kind of his effort into this.

Olivier Rousteing

Olivier Rousteing comes forward with the story of his burns

The personality came forward in an interview and shedding light on the tragedy which happened to them as he went to suffer burns in the time and though he explained to the reporters how the fireplace exploded at his home which actually gave severe burns and scars. The star also mentioned that the time he has been through was difficult but so to mention that he found the spirit in him to move forward and work to bring a better result. This is said to be the first time when the personality opened up about the situation in detail and mentioning the points which bothered him at the time while he was demotivated to work forward on the big stage.


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The personality went on to share a photo of himself on the social media platform Instagram and though it was taken at the time while he was leaving the hospital and had severe burns and though the image portrayed how the bandages were put all over his upper body in order to gain the recovery. Olivier came forward into stating that he has been hiding this for a long time but now he has the spirit to share everything that happened because of the fact that he already has the strength to his part and though everyone wished the personality with all the good words and praise.

Olivier Rousteing

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