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Denis Villeneuve, The Director Of Dune Expresses His Wish To Direct A James Bond Movie

Denis Villeneuve on James Bond reboot

We are here to shed some light on the big news which came in recently as the famous director Denis Villeneuve came forward to expressing that he would look forward to making a move of James Bond.

James Bond has been a famous movie franchise for a long time and that it gained popularity throughout the world by gaining a good amount of net money and appreciation through the time and though the sequels followed at the time. The movie has not only been a fan favorite but it has many celebrity fans whereas many big names have either wanted to be a part of the movie or wanted to bring a spin-off.

The known director named Denis Villeneuve, who is originally known as the director of the movie named Dune that he would very much wish to direct a James Bond movie or work on one and thus the desire of the director came up after coming across the latest movie of the franchise and there was a huge hype in the time whereas the movie also stood out as a successful one in the time. The personality is aware of the changes which will come along if he brings Danial Craig in the movie as it is then expected to hit big milestones in time.

Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve heads towards the franchise

Villeneuve recently came forward with his expressing this in a podcast interview where he stated that there would be no hesitation for him if he goes on for the reboot of the Bond franchise and though which will followup as the latest installment in the franchise after ‘No Time To Die’ and though there would stand some challenges for the director as expected and that the work would be put on for the script that would follow everything of the story but the confirmation is yet to be made. The director on the other hand gave an indication that working on this movie project is on his wishlist and that he is ready to come across and give it a more exciting look from his point of view as a filmmaker.

Denis Villeneuve


Denis mentioned that he always had the kind of affection towards the movie and the character because it had a lot to offer different in every time it came out and that he is attached to the character since his childhood whereas he stated that it would be a big challenge for him to match the level after the era of Craig and as a fan himself, he stated that Craig offered a strong and honest character in the movie. Denis also stated that he would put all of his efforts into giving it a brand new look and also to match or pass the level of the movie with a new touch. The fans are now eager to know what would go in the coming weeks as there are expectations of the announcement regarding the confirmation of the movie.

Denis Villeneuve

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