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Lamborghini Biopic Roped In Elina Jones Of Northern Rescue; What Role Does She Play?

Lamborghini, the upcoming American film has added a new cast to their bundle. The film was announced way back in 2015, though the production has just started recently. Actors have been in and out, the cast is not finalized yet but slowly the cast is being added.

The release date of the film is not yet announced. Since the production is just started it is expected to release in late 2022 or early 2023.  The production of the movie had officially begun in Rome and Emilia-Romagna. Robert Moresco is the director and writer of the movie. Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi and Danielle Maloni are the producers.

Indeed, The film is based on Ferruccio Lamborghini. La Storia Ufficiale by Tonino Lamborghini, the biography of his father.

The movie follows Ferruccio Lamborghini, an entrepreneur who started by manufacturing tractors. And now the designer of the most famous car in the world, Lamborghini, making him the wealthiest man of Italy and his car the most famous design of the world. He also manufactured military vehicles during world war II. The movie will show his dedication towards his work, the struggle he has to face, and the idea behind the best car design he made which leaves his name forever in the world. A history he designed and created.

Lamborghini is one of the best designed and manufactured luxury sports cars in the world, one of the most expensive too. There are even songs made on the car. The car is like a legacy of his father to Tonino Lamborghini now. Now Ferruccio Lamborghini is known for his celebrity lifestyle and his collections of cars.

Recently, the 23-year-old Canadian actress, Eliana jones is added to the cast of the movie. Her role is still not announced though. Since the film is still under the starting phase of its production the roles of the cast are not yet announced.

Eliana is known for her role in the 2010-2012 show NIKITA, as young Alexandra Udinov. She is also known for her role in the 2013 television series, Hemlock grave, reprising the role of Alexa Sworn. She has appeared in many television series since then.

The main protagonist of the movie, Ferruccio Lamborghini is being played by Frank Grillo. And the young Ferruccio Lamborghini will be played by Romano Reggiani. Gabriel Byrne will be playing Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Ferrari and the  Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team who is also an Italian racing driver. looks like we are going to see two legends from the same background in one epic movie.

Indeed, Mira Sorvino will be seen in the role of Annita.  Fortunato Cerlino and Giorgio Cantarini are also announced as part of the cast, though their roles are not announced yet. Also, who will play the part of Tonino Lamborghini is not yet announced. indeed, he will be a part of the movie or not, is still not discussed with the media. Though rumor has it he didn’t have a wide role to play in the movie.