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Lisa From BlackPink Drops Exclusive Performance Video For Her New Song ‘Money’

Lisa from Blackpink drops Music Video

We are here to shed some light on the latest news which came in as Lisa from Blackpink went on to drop the latest music video of her song.

Blackpink is a famous girl band which rose to its fame in no time as the talented personalities have gone up to make a big mark in the music industry with their songs as they have also gone on to list themselves in big nominations and has also won awards in the time. The group has delivered some of the big hit songs and that the audience has been curious about what more does the group has to offer. To pursue the solo career on the sidelines too, Lisa from the group has been working on her own solo project for a long time and thus the album dropped some time ago, and though it goes by the name ‘Lalisa’. The star has now been appearing in events to promote the project and some other podcast shows too.

Mentioning the fact that the album dropped on 10th September and thus has been getting a good response since then as the star’s first album is expected to hit some more milestones in the time but it is yet to see. It could be said that Lisa is now relaxing after the heavy work which was put on the album but the news came in some time that Lisa has been practicing for a dance video and that it is expected to arrive soon. The star has been keen on working upon the project and after all the heavy practice, the dance music video finally dropped where the song is named ‘Money’ and that it came with the premiere recently this Sunday on YouTube. The music video gained a good number of views along with the likes and though it could be said that it received a good response in just a short period of time. The music video has been standing out as one of the trending videos on YouTube and thus it is clear that the star lived up to the expectations of the audience.


Lisa in song ‘Money’

The music video dropped and took no time to list itself on to the trending videos along with the Coldplay and BTS new collab song named ‘My Universe’. ‘Money’ is one of the songs from the solo album project and though it is said to be the best song from the album. The song, on the other hand, gives a bold look of the star as she goes on to rap with her amazing skills, and thus the number of audiences complimented on her rapping skills in the song.



The song came out to be a big one along with a solo album project with a good amount of views and likes as everyone praised and appreciated the star for the work but what’s next for Lisa remains a question as this is yet to see if the focus would lie on the solo project or in a group.

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