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See Adonis Copy Father’s Pose In Cute Instagram Photo Shared By Drake On Son’s 4th Birthday

Drake celebrates Adonis’ birthday

We are here to bring you the top news which came to the mark recently as Drake goes on to hit the pose alongside his son Adonis and though it has been surfacing on the internet.

Drake is a famous personality who is known throughout the world and though the personality is originally known for being a rapper whereas he has gone up to win a number of accomplishments in his career and whether we talk about topping the major charts or winning major awards such as Grammy, Drake has won it all and that a personality is also a family man where he spends around most of the time now with his son and try to be there as much as can and though he also stated this in an interview. Drake has always been the kind of person who has been attached to his son and that they don’t usually make their appearances together as they do not usually attend the events or other awards functions but whenever they do, they make sure to make some big headlines and steal some spotlight.


Drake put their best efforts to celebrate the birthday of Adonis

Drake recently celebrated his son Adonis’s birthday and though the personality shared a number of pictures on the social media giant Instagram and though he kept posting a number of adorable pictures and though the celebrations took place in a good manner as it actually seemed how special with the day did the personality wanted it to be for his son. Among all the pictures which were shared by the star, one of the photos which were shared went on to show how Drake and Adonis hit a pose of matching hand gestures and through the photo got viral with all the comments and stood out as trending one. Drake along with her ex welcomed their first child back in 2017.


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They clicked a photo where Drake was smiling standing alongside his son and how both of them went on to hit the ‘ok’ sign and that it went up viral on the internet and was adored for the picture. The party which was held actually picked up a theme of a car race and as both of them stood in front of the sign which stated “Adonis races into 4” whereas the decorations were done all over the place with a number of balloons could also be seen in the picture and thought the photo was put under the caption with a pair of heart emojis.



A number of famous musicians came forward into wishing Adonis birthdays such as Nicki Minaj and J Balvin and thus the picture was filled with good comments as the audience came across the post and wished the young lad birthday where they were also complimented for hitting the pose which came out to be extremely adorable and thus the photo started surfacing on the internet soon as everyone came across the posts.