‘Dancing With The Stars’ Ex-Host Tom Bergeron Talks About What Went Wrong And Why He Was Fired

Tom Bergeron on getting fired from the show

We are here to bring you the top news as Tom Bergeron came forward to why he was fired from ‘Dancing with the Stars,‘ and how it went for him since then.

Tom Bergeron is a famous personality as the figure has gone up to host a number of shows in the time but his most famous hosting aspect which is considered is when he went on to host the famous show named ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ The famous show has gone up to be big in time with delivering a true entertainment sets with the dance competition which takes place on the show. The producers of the show came forward with an announcement back in October of 2020 that the original host Ton Bergeron would not be a part of the show anymore and the news came out as a big shocking one to the news as the host was a part of the show for a long period of time that is a total of 28 seasons at Helm along with Eric Andrews, who stood out as the co-host on the show. The departure of the figure came out to be a big shocker to everyone as everyone, in the end, was curious to know what took place that led the circumstances to play a bigger role like this. The questions in the time kept rising and were raised along the time as to why was fired from the popular show after standing out as a famous host and delivering a good response in his work.

Tom Bergeron

Tom Bergeron is not in love with the show anymore

A year later, Bergeron came forward to open up the details with his friend as to what happened at the time when he was fired from the show. Bergeron stated that he kind of felt different at the time before the start of the 29th season and though he knew at the time that his time at the show is coming on to an end whereas he stated that he did not feel the same way he felt in the starting days and that the show became to be one he did not love anymore.

Tom Bergeron


The personality stated that he went on to take out his stuff from the dressing room as he knew that it was obvious that he would be leaving. This is not the first time since he has mentioned his troubles on the show as he also stated on an episode of the podcast that there have been some problems in the time but the clarification has not come out yet as to what drove the wedge between him and the producers of the show. Some of the sources mentioned in the time that the personality made some suggestions in the time on the shows and though some kind of an argument was stuck in the dispute. The fans are still not over the departure of the star and thus still ask to bring him back on the show.

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