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How Did Gabby Petito Actually Die? Experts Say She Was Strangled To Death By Someone With Much Anger

Gabby Petito murder investigation

We are here to shed some light on the tragic news which took place regarding the famous YouTuber named Gabby Petito, who was murdered.

Gabby Petito was a famous personality among the teenage age as the figure was rising to her fame in the time and though she went on to make her mark at a very early age and though she gained her fame or was actually recognized through the platform of YouTube and though the YouTuber was doing good where the number of subscribers along with the likes kept rising on her account.

The star was murdered and though the analysis was done through where the authorities stated that the personality was strangled to death and that the expert went on to mention the strangulation which was done was actually personal and up close and though it was actually done with a lot of anger at the time and though that heavy anger was totally targeted towards the victim.

Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito was suffering from injuries

Priya Banerjee, who is the forensic pathologist came ahead and stated that the strangulation in a Manual manner is done through hands or some other part of the body. She stated that the situation went very wrong at the time and that the murderer could not control the bad temper and went on to take such a step. The body was found recently and thought it was also mentioned that the figure went through some injuries on the other side too. Banerjee stated that the accused knew that the victim was suffering through some injuries but still did not hold back from taking such a step.

The doctors also came forward with stating the cause of death as strangulation and though nothing yet was revealed in the time the investigation is taking place at the time.

Gabby Petito

The 22-year-old went missing on 11th September and though she was going along with her fiance, Brian Laundrie where they planned to spend time together and they were out on a trip to cross-country but the event took a horrific turn at the moment as she went missing for the period of time and where the investigation was undergoing but nothing was there as leads or any other cause. The remains of Gabby were then recovered after a time at the campsite in Wyoming on 19th September where her fiance Brian has been missing since 14th September whereas the accused is still at run after the situation.


While the investigation is still taking place at the moment, the statement was passed by the expert as to why Brian is still not yet charged with homicide and that he is still on run. A huge part of the controversy has been played since then to how the situation would turn up to be and whether the authorities would be able to have their hold on the accused anytime soon. The Audience is also taking a stand and supporting to catch the accused.

Gabby Petito

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