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Jamie Lee Curtis Copied Her Mom’s Look From ‘Psycho’ To The ‘Halloween Kills’ Premiere

Jamie Lee Curtis the 62-year-old American actress entered the party in the iconic dress-up of her mom. She dressed up as the character from her mother’s movie Psycho, which was released in 1960. Psycho is a horror-thriller movie in which Janet Leigh, the mother of Jamie Curtis played the role of Marion Crane.

On Tuesday a costume party was held for the premiere of the new upcoming Movie of Jamie. Her movie is titled “Halloween Kills”, which is a mystery, horror thriller. David Gordon Green is the director of the movie. The film is the sequel to the 2018 movie, Halloween. Indeed, it is the 12th movie in the Halloween franchise. The film is all set to release this Friday, on October 15, 2021, in the United States.

The movie will follow Laurie Strode played by Jamie, who survives the massacre by Michael Myers. James Jude Courtney is playing the part of the psycho killer Michael Myers. Micahel escapes the trap that Laurie has set up for him. Though now Laurie is injured and taken to the hospital. She will inspire people to take things into their own hands to stop the bloodbath and end Micahel.

You can watch the trailer here:

The movie was originally scheduled to release earlier however the pandemic delayed it. Another sequel to this movie is planned to release in theatres on October 14, 2022, titled, “Halloween Ends”.

The actress honored her late mother by dressing up as one of her roles in a horror-thriller drama. She expertly channeled her mother’s personality through the get-up. Jamie had put on a blue knee-length buttoned-up dress with a belt and accessorizing it with a black handbag and black pumps. She also wore a blond shoulder-length wig to match her hair like her mother’s. And to top it all and give her dress up a perfect look she also carried a red-stain white scarf which looked like it has blood on it.


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She commented on her look saying that she has been honoring her mother in all her glory by dressing up as her. It is as a tribute to her mother from her side.

In an interview, Jamie stated that she is honoring her late mommy but it is more meta than that. She mentioned that she is going as Scarlett Johansson as her mother Janet Leigh in the movie ‘Hitchcock.’ She also mentioned that we didn’t know the color of the dress her mother wore in the original movie, Psycho as it was a black and white film. Though now they know it is pale blue because of the Hitchcock movie.

Furthermore, many stars joined the premiere including  Judy Greer who plays the role of Karen Nelson, the daughter of Laurie in the movie. Kyle Richards who is also a cast of the film also joined the party in the costume of a ringleader. She is playing the role of Linsey Wallace.

Indeed,  Lisa Rinna came as a pink rabbit, Kathy Hilton as a dentist, Dorit Kemsley is a young Paris Hilton and Teddi Mellencamp also joined.