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Mick Jagger Admits About Crashing A Bachellorette Party At Pedal Tavern, Nashville

Mick Jagger crashes a bachelorette party

We are here to bring you the latest news which came in as Mick Jagger is standing out in the headlines because he went on to crash a bachelorette party.

Mick Jagger is a famous personality and though is recognized throughout for standing out as a big singer back in the time and that the star has gone on to deliver some of the big songs in the time and that he has also gone up to receive accomplishments through the period of his career whether it is awards or different kind of awards, the singer already made his mark in the entertainment industry but so to mention that he has been consistent enough on making big headlines from time to time and for that he was criticized in the time as the star went on to make a big headline recently as he crashed a bachelorette party which was taking place in Tennessee and that was a special occasion too such as the Rolling Stones Eve or more likely to mention the weekend gig which takes place by the weekend. The group set was taking place at the Nissan Stadium recently this Saturday and though the star stated that his traveling for the occasion has been special for him and that he did not want to miss any landmark or special Avenue because Music City’s famous landmarks are necessary to visit and though the star did exactly the same and drive bars incognito. The star on the other hand stated he went to Printer’s Alley and thought they had a good time in the Karaoke bar and they also sang a song named Hanky Tonk Woman. Jagger also mentioned to his fans that he went on to crash the Bachelorette party and thus the place he mentioned was a pedal Tavern. The personality mentioned that the audience which was present at the time fell in love with his Goo Goo Clusters and that everyone had the best time as then they approached the Wild Beaver and ended up riding a mechanical bull which was extremely fun as according to the star.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger posted moments on the internet

Jagger went on to share the photos and clips of Nashville to basically share his fun experience and the good times he had and thus there was another exciting video which the personality shared and it showed how the star was walking in downtown unrecognized.

Mick Jagger


The party in which he crashed was reported that everyone claimed to have the best time in the while and though everyone clicked pictures with the star and also shared the moments of the party. The number of audiences came across the photos and videos he shared on the internet and everyone put in the good comments in the comment section for the star and somewhat comments like ‘can’t wait for Jagger to crash our Bachelorette party’ and though it caught everyone’s attention at the time where once again Jagger made the headlines.

Mick Jagger

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