Rapper Tyga Turned Himself In After Being Accused Of Domestic Violence By Camaryn Swanson

Tyga charged with domestic violence

We are here to shed some light on the latest news which came in as Tyga has been arrested for foul misbehavior and more likely domestic violence.

Tyga is a famous personality and the one who is recognized throughout the world and though he is originally known as the rapper-singer and that he is considered as one of the best rappers in today’s date and though he has gone up to deliver some of the big hit songs in the time and also listing his name into the major charts and also winning some of the major awards and also standing as a nominee in Grammy.


Tyga’s misbehavior conduct

There has been a big headline recently which has caught everyone’s attention as Camaryn Swanson, who is the ex-girlfriend of Tyga has actually put allegations of domestic violence where she claimed that she has been Abused in various manners such as mentally along with physically by the known singer-rapper. The star went on to turn himself in to the Police Department of Lose Angeles recently this Tuesday and the star has also been released with a bail of $50,000 but the rumors suggest that the investigation is still undergoing to what the situation led in the time.


Swanson on the other hand went on to post pictures of the injuries that she went through and shared the picture of a bruised eye. The authorities came forward with the statement that the situation took place on Monday. The sources revealed what led to the situation and it has been stated that Swanson showed up at the house of Tyga uninvited whereas the incident took place on Monday morning. Swanson also came forward with some of the screenshots with his ex-boyfriend which shows that Tyga sent a car on Monday in order to pick her up. Swanson then went on to write how she was assaulted and was refused to leave whereas was forced to stay for hours. The events took a whole turn at the time and thus the argument escalated in the time and thus the heat of the moment took place at the time. Swanson also stated how much embarrassment she felt but it’s time that she has to take a stand for herself according to her and then she went on to share the pictures of the injuries and bruises. The sources then opened about the situation as the mother of Swanson drove her home from where she then called the police and made the complaint and that the authorities of police came across the visible marks and other injuries that the figure carried.



The couple started to date early this year and thought everything was good at the time where there were also rumours that they are engaged now when Swanson was spotted wearing a ring but things took a whole different turn at the time now but the investigation would be unveiled in the time too.

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