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Squid Games To Be Held In Real Life In Abu-Dhabi; Don’t Worry! No One Will Get Killed

Squid harmless game to be held

We are here to shed some light on the big news which came in as the nonmurderous game of Squid is going to be held soon as the activity games. Squid is a famous Netflix series that made its mark in the entertainment industry soon enough with its plot storyline which it had to offer along with the chills which made it more exciting to watch in the time. The series went on to be a big hit as soon as it arrived as it gradually gained all the recognition which it deserved. The show was in talks and discussions for a long period of time and though the internet was crawling with the Squid Game theories with more to come in the series.


Squid game taking place in Abu Dhabi

Recently, there was a decision which was put forward to bring the real version of Squid Game which is a nonmurderous and though offers a number of thrilling experiences in the time and a fun time and that the game is taking place in Abu Dhabi. The meetings were held in the time regarding the game as there were rumors that the game would be put on hold in the time but though the green signal was given for the game to take place. The authorities of the Korean Cultural Center has been working in UAE and though they have been arranging the games for it and though the games which are on the pattern of the game are actually somewhat similar to what was featured in the show to give a more memorable moment and also a thrilling experience to what it feels to be present in the game of Squid whereas the game would be taken place in the split of two teams where each consisting a total of 15 participants.


Mentioning the fact that the games which would be in the schedule of the real version of the game would be totally harmless and that the game is scheduled to be given the first signal on 12th October and thus the game is up on the trending news and that everyone is excited to what more fun experience does the game has to offer and that it would not fail to give the same chills which one experienced by watching the show.



The games which have been put forward by the authorities to be part of the Squid are Red Light Green Light along with the other famous ones such as Dalgona Candy Challenge followed by paper flipping games and that there are rumors that some more games would also be added in some time to deliver more of a fun experience in the game. The decorations which have been made for the game are flawless and even the members of the staff would wear the pink costumes and giving the same kind of look from the show and thus is expected to become big in the worldwide platform.