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U.S. President Joe Biden Attended Nephew’s Wedding To ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ Star

Joe Biden and Jill attend their nephew’s wedding

We are here to shed some light on the recent news which came in as Joe Biden and Jill Biden went on to attend the wedding of their nephew.

Joe Biden is a famous personality and is actually known throughout for standing out as the President of the United States and though Joe on the other hand is a family man too as he usually tries to spend time with his family and that he is usually spotted hanging out with his family members. Joe along with Jill recently went on to attend the wedding of their nephew Cuffe Owens and that the personality went on to wed the TV reality star Meghan O’Toole King.

The wedding recently stole the spotlight and made headlines as the big wedding is out on the talks and is also trending along. Biden’s younger sister and also a political advisor named Valerie Biden Owens is the mother of Owens and though the ceremony was scheduled to take place in Pennsylvania recently this Monday. The White House came forward to describe the ceremony as a small event among the family members and thus only family members were present on the occasion.

Joe Biden

More on the wedding

King stood out as the main lead cast from the famous show named ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County,’ and the show ran from 2015 to 2018 and though this is considered as her best performance. The personality came forward to making her relationship with Owens public back in September by sharing a photo on social media. The actual time to when they started dating has not been revealed yet as Meghan was dating Will Roos, who was an investor of real estate, and thus they were together for some time. Meghan came forward into revealing how she met Owens in a recent interview of Bride’s magazines and thus she stated that they both crossed paths through a dating app and they spoke for a day or two and though they eventually gave about five hours on the phone as talking to each other whereas that was the connection that they both felt in the time. She stated that they spoke on various matters and that Owens that booked a flight to St. Louis and that it was less than a week when they started interacting through and was meeting each other’s families whereas she also stated that they made a number of future plans in the time together. The couple did not leave each other’s side for weeks and thus they went on to make the decision of getting married.

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Joe Biden had a good time

Joe Biden and Jill seemed to enjoy and have a good time whereas the pictures were clicked in the event and though Joe’s presence made big headlines on the occasion. The number of fans also came across the photos and news of the occasion and though wished the couple congratulations and praise through social media as it was trending on the platform.

Joe Biden

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