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Wayne Rooney To Discuss About His mental Health Battle In Documentary Film

Wayne Rooney is a 35-year-old professional football manager. He is also a former English football player. Wayne is one of the best football players of his generation and England’s all-time record goalscorer. He is the manager of the EFL Championship club Derby County. Previously he served as the interim player for the same.

Recently, Amazon Prime has announced a documentary on the player. The document is titled after his name, “Rooney”. It will premiere in early 2022 showing the life of the star, the ups, and downs of his career.

Indeed, the star will also open up about his struggle in his career. He will share the biggest moments of his life, and stories behind various moments, and rumors as well. It will be an overall insight into his life.

About the documentary, the star has stated that he and his wife feels that this documentary is a good thing as they will narrate their side of the story about various moments. he feels that many misdemeanors have been fairly unjudged and now they get the chance to make their point.

Additionally, the star stated that he wants to be honest about everything that has happened in his life. This documentary is about him coming out in open. This way people can see him and his family as what they are, not what they portrayed, the star added.

Also, the star is going to open up about his mental health in the documentary. He stated that talking about mental health is realizing what is going on in your head and trying to cope with the pressure of anything that is going on. And he talked about the pressure he had playing for Manchester United when he was playing for his country and had a great deal of responsibility on him being the captain. He stated that through this documentary people will now have an idea of what he has in mind at that time.

Rooney also stated that there has been a lot of stuff that has come into the light of media. This is why he feels important that people know stuff from his view and to People see him as a family man, along with how it was to grow up in an area like Liverpool. He will open up about his childhood.

And he will open about the toughest moments of his career. One is given the red card in the World cup quarter-final when they were playing against Portugal. It was 2006 and he has to sit alone in the dressing room after being given the red carpet. And all he was thinking about is how he has let his country down. Also, calculating if there is any chance if their team can get to the finals somehow.

There have been many interviews in which he has been asked about this particular moment. And he had opened up about it too stating how he felt. Well, the topic is still not over and we are looking forward to knowing more about how he felt when Christiano send him off with a wink.