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Billie Eilish Checkes One Thing Off Her Bucket List By Punching Jimmy Kimmel

Billie Eilish pursues her bucket list wishes

We are here to bring you the latest news which came in as Billie Eilish goes on to pursue another wish from her bucket list.

Billie Eilish is one of the most promising singers of this generation where the personality is known globally for standing out as the big one. The star has gone up to deliver some of the big hit songs and though has gradually gained her fame and recognition in time. Billie came up from nothing and thus the personality is considered to have achieved everything in her career at a very you age already whether to state how the figure has gone up to list her songs on the big major charts or winning some of the major awards including Grammy’s and now the big question was left to what is left for the star to pursue in her career.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish punched Jimmy Kimmel

Billie recently sat in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel and though they talk about a number of things and the conversations extended to some part and along with the company of hilarious jokes cracking from time to time. They went on to talk about the music and also about the James Bond movie as Billie sang the theme song for the movie. Billie started to how special it has been for her to write a song for the movie as the one thing she always wanted was to write a James Bond song and that she used to pretend along with her brother by writing a song back in the time when they were young. The star on the other hand went on to tease the age of Jimmy for quoting the sound which became popular on TikTok. Billie then stated her bucket list wishes and that she began with cutting the hair of an excited fan and that everyone applauded where once again some jokes were cracked at the time. She mentioned another wish she kept in her bucket list and that went on to punch Jimmy Kimmel in his stomach where the star was kicked out by the two red guards out of the target as it was her another in the list and though so to mention that Jimmy had it all arranged in an order. The show went on to be a big one with this episode and Jimmy helped Billie to accomplish all of her bucket list wishes.

Billie Eilish


There were a lot of conversations that took place on the show such as that Billie also mentioned other plans which she has for the future and stated that she is not looking for any show anytime soon now and will show up soon but that she is exhausted for now. The audience also came across the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel and there were a lot of talks about the bucket list wishes of Billie and everyone intend to make their own come true according to the social media trend status.

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