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Jennifer Lawrence’s Next Project To be An R-Rated Comedy ‘No Hard Feelings’

Jennifer Lawrence to appear in R-Rated Comedy

We are here to bring you the latest news in time as the release of a new comedy movie is set to arrive soon and it would be fronted by Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence is a popular personality and is known throughout because of her acting profession where the star has actually gone up to deliver some of the big movies in the time and also being a part of them thus helping them to win some of the big awards in the time. Jennifer usually attends the events from time to time and that there was a rumor sometime before that the meetings are taking place for the new comedy movie to arrive soon and then the confirmation was finally given that the movie is set to arrive. The movie would go by the name ‘No Hard Feelings’ where the movie would be set at the R-Rated Comedy status.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s next big hit?

Jennifer has delivered some of the funniest movies too when it comes to the genre of Comedy thus we could expect that this upcoming title would be another hit by the star. The new R-Rated Comedy title would go on to feature Jennifer Lawrence along with Gene Stupnitsky as they team up to give the amazing work in the upcoming title. The movie has also been given a short description which is Coming of age Dramedy and that the movie is brought upon by Sony Pictures where the plotline is yet to be out as to what story shall the movie be based upon.

Gene Stupnitsky is originally known for standing out as a writer along with the co-executive producer of The Office and though the expectations are put up a front that he would no doubt go on to deliver his exceptional work in this upcoming movie title too. The location that the upcoming movie is set in Montauk along with New York too and that the work is under the schedule for the movie.

Jennifer Lawrence


There was some competition at the time for Sony Pictures to get its hold over this movie title as other major studios also made their approach in the time and to mention that even Universal Pictures was also in the race to get a hold of the project but the contracts were signed in and that Sony Pictures stood out for the pursuit and finally was the one to get the hold of this project.

The studio has been making some plans for the movie as reported as they are looking ahead for the exclusive theatrical release of the movie. Jennifer Lawrence is the fan-favorite to play an R-Rated Comedy movie and that high expectations are put forward for the movie but it is yet to see how the movie would be able to stand out on the big screens. There has not been any kind of update regarding the release date but it would be announced soon.

Jennifer Lawrence