Tale of the Nine Tailed Season 2: “The Penthouse” Actor Kim So Yeon Getting Roped Into The Upcoming Season

Kim So Yeon is set to join Tale of the Nine-Tailed

We are here to talk about the big headlines that have been surfacing throughout as Kim So Yeon is set to join Tale of The Nine Tailed.

Kim So Yeon is a famous personality that has appeared in a number of Korean movies in the period of time and has also been a part of the major ones too. The star got recognition at the early stage due to her performance and talent. The personality has been famously known for her performance from The Penthouse. The figure has also been involved in a number of projects in the time whereas recently Kim is looking forward to joining Tale of The Nine Tailed.

Some of the sources came forward to shedding light on this situation and mentioned that Kim would be joining the upcoming season of Tale of the Nine Tailed and thus would join as the lead character on the show. It was also reported that she and her agents were in talks and though some meetings also took place along the time to set an agreement for the show.

Kim So Yeon

Kim So Yeon in a new look

The agents of Kim also stated that the star has recieved the script of the show but nothing could be said at the moment. The first season of Tale of the Nine Tailed was aired back in 2020 and though the script is done for the next season whereas the shoot for the upcoming title would begin soon once everything is finalized.

There were a number of rumors during the time such as the personality is in talks but it was revealed on 27th October when the industry insiders came forward to open up about the situation that Kim is all set to join the show as the lead role.

Mentioning the fact that it would not be a big challenge for Kim to hold the character as she has experienced over the years and to deal with the kind of challenge. There were some reports in the time that Kim is the favorite to play as the lead character alongside on the show and thus there would also be her sideline story which will be played along on the show.

Kim So Yeon


The audience, on the other hand, has given their mixed reactions on this decision of replacing Bo Ah and thus the figure was also the favorite of many in the show but now it has been decided to move on with the next step.

Kim So Yeon

The number of fans is excited to see Kim in a totally new look in the second season and also are excited to cover what shall take place as the new story leads but many of the fans have been raising their doubts as to whether the figure shall be able to match the chemistry with Lee Dong Wool but it is yet to see as to how they would come across each other in the show and impact would they build together that the fans would love to see.

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