Kristen Stewart is very excited as the first movie under her direction, “The Chronology Of Water” begins casting

Kristen Stewart set to make her directional debut

We are here to shed light on the big news which came in as the famous personality Kristen Stewart is all set to make her directional debut.

Kristen Stewart is a famous personality and though the personality has gone up to feature in big hits of the time and is originally known throughout for her role from Twilight franchise and that the star has also been a part of some of the big movies in the time. Kristen has also won a number of awards and other accomplishments from her career and now she is looking ahead to put a step forward by making a directional debut. There were a lot of rumors that came out as Kristen is involved in some new project but the news was not confirmed but not it finally came through that Kristen is essaying the story of the upcoming movie project named ‘Spencer‘ and that it would portray the story of Princess Diana.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart new journey

The upcoming project shall mark her debut as a director and so the star is working forward to adapt the famous memoir named The Chronology of Water and that the casting has already been selected for the project but there is still some news which needs to be revealed by the stars.

Kristen has been involved in a tight schedule with work for the project and that she called the term out to be a ‘stoked one’ and Stewart also stated that mentioning anything about the movie at this period would be relevant and thus more than ever. The star also stated on the other hand that the movie shall stand out to be very small as compared to others and she also mentioned that this movie was the one she wished to be cast in when she was young.

Kristen Stewart

There were reports also in the time that Kristen would be making an appearance in the movie where she would be seen in a different role or character but the star denied all the rumors and stated that she would not be making an appearance in the movie. The star is keen to enter in the film but it’s for the best that she is sticking with the best story. The Chronology of Water shall show a tale in which the survival would be portrayed at its best. The movie shall also focus on different scenarios and more adaptations they would hold at the time of release.


The news on the release of the movie came out as mentioning that it would arrive soon in the theatres and thought which would stand out among all the movies as stated by the figures involved in the movie that it would show a different plotline than many.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen is aware of all the challenges in the new chapter of her life and moreover the duties and responsibilities that the director holds for the movie but the fans have also been wishing her all the best along with the praise.


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