Daniel Dae Joins The Cast Of Netflix’s Live Action Avatar: The Last Airbender As Fire Lord Ozai

Daniel Dae Kim set to join ‘The Last Airbender’

We are here to talk about the big headlines that have been surfacing on the internet as Daniel Dae Kim is all set to join a Netflix Avatar.

Daniel Dae Kim is a famous personality and has appeared in a number of roles. The popular personality has made a big impact in the Korean industry with his performance and now he is all set to pursue different roles in life.

The star is all set to appear as Fire Lord Ozai whereas the character stands out as the ruthless one and the leader of Fire Nation who makes his own demand in the time and asks everyone to live up to his expectations and the way he wants everyone to live whereas his big focus stays around on his son.

Daniel Dae Kim

Ozai on the other hand has plans to which he wants everyone to work accordingly. Ozai believes that he has a job of finishing the war burden that was put on by his ancestors. Mark Hamill gave the voice of the character in the previous times in the animated series.

Daniel Dae Kim on joining the new character

Kim joins the series recently and though the fans are excited to cover what bold look would he present in the character. Kim has gone up to feature in a number of shows and other projects such as ‘Lost’ along with famous movies like ‘Hellboy’. The character has also given the voice of Hiroshi Satu in the previous animated series of ‘Last Airbender’. The star is also involved in a number of projects now and that the fans are excited to cover what shall take place in the upcoming projects of Last Airbender.

Daniel Dae Kim

Kim has also shared his affection towards the character and though opened up in his previous interviews that he would very much like to give the voice in the upcoming project. Kim on the other hand stands out not only as a professional in acting but also serves as a writer and executive.


The series was released back in September of 2018 on Netflix and thus gained a lot of attention in the time with fame and recognition. The project has been up involving a lot of new characters in the show and thought it would be witnessed by the audience as the new storyline would play along according to the show authorities. The show will deliver a totally different manner of plot in its upcoming installment and we could also guess this by the appearance that Kim has made in the new series.

Daniel Dae Kim

The fans are eager to come across the performance of Kim and to cover whether he would be given a totally different story or a unique plotline to his character and this was asked by the fans. Kim with the character Ozai stand out as the fan favorite. Kim would no doubt give a best performance as observing over his previous roles he has given.

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