Charlie Cox might have a secret cameo as Daredevil in Hawkeye Finale and a major role in Echo series

Charlie Cox could show up in the Hawkeye Finale

We are here to shed light on the big news which has been surfacing throughout as there have been some rumours leaked stating that Charlie Cox might go on to show up in the Hawkeye Finale.

Marvel has been planning something big for the audience and though they have not failed in this task throughout the time period something big is in talks currently and thus which could come out as a big surprise if it gets to come forward with a confirmation.

Mentioning the fact that even the Marvel fans are aware of the part that the studios have been planning something big in the time which could be brought upon in the post-credit scene or some other rumours at the time being.

Charlie Cox

There has been a lot of talks in the times for the role of Daredevil and thus Charlie Cox is the favourite to play the role even if it gets more appearance and thus Kevin Feige has also made the confirmation in the time that Charlie Cox would hold the role of Daredevil in the future times of Marvel. It is safe to say by this that it’s just a matter of time till the glimpse of Daredevil would be given in order to secure a position in the studios and also to give a sign to all the fans that the movie or show of the superhero is on the way.

Charlie Cox

Charlie Cox is ahead to make an appearance on the title

Charlie Cox hold the character of Daredevil throughout three seasons on the streaming platform Netflix where it was released whereas the actor is the perfect fit for the role according to the audience and stands out as a fan favourite where the authorities of the company have also given an insight hint that something big is on the way and that now it is finally time for the superhero to get its own title.

Kevin Feige also came forward in the previous interviews shedding light on this matter and thus stated that if Daredevil ever comes forward on the big screens, then it would be Charlie to play the role and thus he wants the famous actor to hold the role for a time period.


The fans have already putting speculations over the course of time that the character could actually make his big appearance in the finale episode of  Hawkeye which is yet to drop ahead and though it has also recieved the news in the time period that Charlie would basically have a major role in the spin-off series of Hawkeye which is Echo.

There is no doubt that the company has some big plans for the character and thus it is expected that they could make the appearance of the character in the finale episode of Hawkeye and now everyone is talking about it as they really want to see this happening at the time.

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