Ben Affleck getting back to Jennifer Garner and FRUSTRATED with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck spotted with Jennifer Garner

We are here to shed light on the big news which has been surfacing throughout as Ben Affleck has been recently spotted out with her ex Jennifer Garner.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been tied for a long period of time and though their relationship has always been in an off or on tie-up as they were back together recently.

Ben Affleck was spotted along with her ex, Jennifer Garner and thus both of them were photographed at the time they walked around on the sidewalk in Los Angeles and thus their conversation stood out to be an animated one.

The fans are speculating at the time that both of the personalities’ feelings are now stirring up at the time and both of them stay confused with their feelings for now.

Ben Affleck

The paparazzi video which was leaked portrayed how Affleck was flailing his arms around the personality along with the impressive and big reactions on his face whereas to mention that he was also spotted at the one time in a video staring at Garner with a wide eyes gaze.

Mentioning the fact that Ben after a time seemed upset but not too angry with whom he shares three children together. Also to mention the part that Garner seemed much calm and was talking to Ben and though they went on to chat, they also exchanged smiles in the time.

The photographers also had a saying recently and stated that both of the personalities have been going on for a stroll to discuss some other matters too before the actual discussion.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck along with Jennifer Garner on the sidewalk

Also to mention the part that both of them were also spotted at the time leaning and looking over a pamphlet and thus it is unaware to the sources as what content was held in it.

Affleck and Garner on the other hand have a big history together as they have been with each other for a long period of time from the year 2005 to 2018 and that they have also been with each other on good terms whenever it has come to co-parenting relationship.

Ben Affleck


Despite the fact that Affleck has moved on with his famous girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and though they are also heading up for the arrangement in the time soon, Garner and Affleck still get along for the co-parenting of their children and more.

The sources have also reported that Ben Affleck has been frustrated with Jennifer Lopez and though there have not been any reports about it to what is the cause for it. The fans are actually hoping that they won’t end their relationship after all the fuss which is being created at this point in time whereas many of the fans think that whatever it is, both of them might be able to sort things out over the matter which is in the attention of everyone.

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