Walking Dead Season 11 Release Date CONFIRMED and Coming in 2022

The Walking Dead returns with the second part of the finale season

AMC’s The Walking Dead has come a long way and now the second part of the finale season is all set to arrive and we are here to give updates regarding the show. So when is The Walking Dead Season 11 releasing?

The Walking Dead has turned out to be a huge success and the show has gained a huge popularity mark whereas to mention that the series is currently the fan-favorite and it has been a number of years since everyone has seen a remarkable performance of the show whether we talk about the favorite characters or the storyline it had to represent.

The fans have been left wondering what more does the show has to offer now that it is running on its final steps. The first part of the final season of the show was released last year and now the countdown begins for the Walking Dead Season 11 and this is what everyone has been waiting for.

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The Walking Dead final season holds a big suspense

There have been other news regarding the show plotline where many of the cast members have stated that something big has been planned for the upcoming season and to mention the part that Norman Reedus has also stated that they have all kept something that the fans deserve and shall love to see in the upcoming installment of the title.

The fans are already suspecting at the time that what could lead to the upcoming installment and the big fan theories are coming in that a major character would be making a return on the show or moreover be presented as a cameo.

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The last season left off in suspense as Negan returned to the camp and this was the unexpected move made by the personality after he recalled his past time and all the struggles he made in order to find medicine or other medical staff for her wife Lucia.

The other big thing that took place in the last episode of the last season was the part where Negan threw his bat into the fireplace and to which he named the band after his late wife. Now that he has returned to the camp, things would get even more intense as Maggie gave Negan a bad look at what he did to her by murdering her husband, and now this could be the time where Maggie would try to seek revenge as Carol already mentioned to Negan that his death would not be on her.

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The other big rumor which is being spread around is the part that Rick would be making his return and now that this is the final turn for the show, it is now possible that Rick might show up in the show with a twist in the plotline to be witnessed.

Walking Dead Season 11 is scheduled to release on February 20, 2022, and the time would vary depending on different geographical regions.

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