Boruto Episode 233 Air Date, Leaks, Preview and Spoilers

Boruto episode 233 release date out

The wait is finally over for Boruto Episode 233 as it is all set to release and the anime fans are taking discussions on this part on the internet.

Boruto has made a big impact in the industry and it is not a surprise as it has been following the steps of the legendary anime show Naruto. Boruto is currently delivering an amazing storyline which everyone is looking forward to.

This Shonen anime promised to give big to the fans and it’s no doubt that it kept its word. The last episode witnessed some delays due to Jump Festa and another special occasion whereas now the next chapter would be on time and this is what the fans are excited about.


Boruto episode 233 holding out a suspenseful story for the fans

The next episode would lead from the same point the last one left off as it left everyone hanging in suspense. Now that the new episode 232 is on its way, the fans are putting up the theories and other discussions due to the part that the story is getting more interesting as it is proceeding.

There have not been any spoilers or leaks regarding the upcoming episode but the predictions have been made such as Denki would be summoned to the office of Hokage and though Naruto assigns them a B-rank mission. Their mission is to safely make the transportation of automated puppets which are in the newly developed range in the Land of Water.


In the previous episode, it was also shown how Shikamaru mentioned that the puppets were of the latest model and also added them to the latest model so there is a good chance of people coming after them in order to get a hold of them. There might be a lot of difficulties in the mission which would be portrayed in the upcoming episode and it would be interesting to see how the group will cope with the difficulties and hurdles that will come along on their way.


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Also to mention the part that the other Team 5 members naming Iwabe along with Metal and Lee were also seen in a grumbling manner on the part that they keep getting simple missions in a constant manner and where they are looking for some real challenges at the time. They are often assigned to the kind of assignments where they have to look for lost pets etc. and Denki rushed over to pass the news.

Boruto episode 232 is all scheduled to release on January 23, 2022, and it would be interesting to watch then and the episode would be available to stream on Crunchyroll. The show has come a long way and now it is not looking to stop anytime soon in the period and though it is yet to see how the story would give closure as big expectations are being put forward by the fans on this scenario as the story is proceeding ahead.

Stay tuned for more.

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