Eddie Thawne actor Rick Cosnett returning to the FLASH for a new Arc CONFIRMED!!!

Rick Cosnett will be making his return as Eddie Thawne

We are here to bring the latest TV show update as Rick Cosnett is making a return to play the role of Eddie Thawne in The Flash and the hype is already building up.

The Flash has turned out to be the biggest superhero show till now and though the show has been bringing upon some of the huge changes in it too whereas now the authorities have decided that Rick Cosnett would be returning to the show to play the role of a detective named Eddie for which he was basically famous for.

Mentioning the fact that it was portrayed over in the first season of the show that Cosnett was killed in the finale episode of the season and to mention the part that the fans were shocked as the character already stood out to be a fan favorite at the moment. Some of the fans even missed the spot where his character was killed and looked back to cover anything they would have missed at the time because the character is returning over time.

Rick Cosnett

Rick Cosnett might have a huge role in the story building through

No other information or leaks have been given on this part while his character would now be introduced in an unconventional way and the fans are getting even more excited to cover this part up whereas the fans believe that the character might be appearing in the last episodes of this season and it could be more like a cameo where not a lot of information has been given on this part.

Rick Cosnett

Erik Wallace, who is the writer of the 4th and 5th seasons of the show also came forward to talk on this matter and stated that Rick has always been a part of the Flash Family ever since the first season hit the screens and though everyone has been thinking tightly about what they could do best in order to bring the character back in the show.

The portrayal of Eddie Thawne has also been exciting to watch on the show and the story has been put forward in a pattern for him. The fans have also been making out discussions over a long period of time that the character would return but never knew the way that he could be making out alive in the show.

Rick Cosnett

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Wallace did not share a lot of details on this but mentioned that Cosnett will be having an important role in the show now and that he would also be appearing in a number of episodes now that the story has taken a huge turn and he is also a part of it.

The story of the show has been going strong for a long time and now the famous personality has stepped into the show to make it even bigger at the time and though it is yet to see how the new episodes of the show would stand out and entertain the fans.

Stay Tuned For More.

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