Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Manga Release Date, Leaks and Where to Read

Dragon Ball Super new chapter 81 has a release date now

We are here to bring the latest anime news as Dragon Ball Super is returning with a new chapter, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81, and the big discussions are already taking place among the fans.

The big anime has been delivering a big story through time and it recieved a great response from the audience too. Mentioning the fact that the anime runs as the spin-off to the original title Dragon Ball Z which was a big hit and now the fans are looking forward to what does this spin-off has to offer and will it prove to stand as great as the original title.

The battle between Goku and the Heeters is being portrayed whereas on the other hand Vegeta and Granolah are sorting their differences out through time. The upcoming chapter would basically portray over the fight between Gas and Granolah and though the legendary battle shall continue to take place at the time and also to mention the part that the fans are getting excited over the scene where Gas is expected to reveal its greater power and this is what the fans have been waiting for.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super might portray some of the biggest battles in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81

One of the big questions which are being raised through the time period is whether Elec shall bring upon its transformation or not in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81. Elec has also been witnessed to help Gas open up the power and true strength which it has kept up to itself but it is now finally revealed and though to mention that it will be very tough for all the heroes.

Dragon Ball Super

Gas at this power is more dangerous than anyone can expect and the big question is what will it take to stop Gas once and for all. It has also been predicted over time that Goku would have to come along with Vegeta and Granolah in order to defeat Gas and the fans have to just wait for now to come across new action and big fight. The fan theories are also being put up at the time which basically suggested that Gas shall be having a back-up to itself but this has not been revealed yet and no one knows about it except Goku but he is keeping it as a secret for now.

Dragon Ball Super

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 is scheduled to release on February 20, 2022, and the time of the release shall vary depending on different geographical locations the English dub of the chapter will be out in a day or two.

The story is turning out to be more interesting and the fans are tuned in at the moment to cover any new updates on the title as the story which is being presented is being loved by the fans currently. All the chapters of the Dragon Ball Super are available to cover on VIZ MEDIA and the readers could head to the platform to cover the story on the title.

Stay tuned for more.

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