“Beauty and the Beast” Disney+ Prequel Series production HALTED according to Josh Gad

Yes, you’ll hear it right the filming of our beloved movie “Beauty And The Beast” has been halted!! The very popular movie remake of 2017 “The Beauty And The Beast” starred Emma Watson playing the iconic role of Belle aka The Beauty and Dan Stevens as The Beast. This Disney movie was a massive hit. Beauty And The Beast movie collected a gross amount of $ 1.2 billion worldwide at the box office.

Soon after seeing the movie’s massive success, the makers of the series decided to make a spin-off of the series inspired by the movie itself. The spin-off series will, by focusing on the two main iconic villains’ duo of the movie Gaston and LeFou.

Both Josh Gad and Luke Evans will be again seen reprising their respective roles as Gaston and LeFou. The spin-off, the series is written by Gad the very famous creator of “Once Upon A Time”. Along with Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. Ever since the makers of Beauty And The Beast announced the good news that they will be further expanding the universe of their beloved movie the happiness of the fans knew no bound. They were overjoyed and excited to see their favorite villain duo Gaston and LeFou creating some more chaos and entertaining them all.

However sadly just today the actor of the upcoming series Josh Gad tweeted that “Tis true. We tied to make it all work but under the gun, it wasn’t meant to be…” Following John Gad’s tweet, Luke Evans too confirmed the news and said goodbye to the fans for now.

We don’t know the exact reason for this sudden halt of this mega-series. But rumors are going on the internet that the production was facing some issues with coordination and the creative teams. Some conflicting issues were going on the sets for a very long time.

Also, the main characters of the show had some struggles adjusting their schedules for the series shooting. So, with the current situation of the pandemics and with actors’ busy schedules the commencement of the shooting of the series seems impossible for now.

However, the creators of the series are very hopeful that once the matters are settled down and the actors have their schedule free, they can once again resume their shooting for the series. According to some sources Disney has not entirely abandoned the Beauty And The Beast prequel series. They are still hopeful for this project.

What Is The Renewed Release Date For The Series?

Previously, Disney+ had not announced any release date for the upcoming prequel of Beauty And The Beast. Since the series was still in production there was no accountment its release date. So, there was no release date for the starters. And now that the production of the series has been halted for the timber g we cannot say for sure when will the series be released. However, once the production is resumed once again, we will get some idea as to when the series will be released.

So that was all about Beauty And The Beaty prequel series. As soon as we get any new updates about the show, we will let you’ll know soon. For much more amazing news and updates stay tuned with us!!

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