Is Patrick Rothfuss going to release a Doors of Stone Audiobook?

The Doors Of Stone is the third and the final novel in “The Kingkiller Chronicles” series. The author of this epic novel series is Patrick Rothfuss. Currently, there is no release date announced by the author for the release of its “The Doors Of Stone”. The author Patrick Rothfuss is still working on the book. All the fans are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the final book i.e. “The Doors Of Stone”.

But I bet the book will be worth the wait. The author, Patrick Rothfuss has been meticulously working on the book for quite some time now. According to one of the sources, the author Patrick Rothfuss had written the entire “The Kingkiller Chronicle” years ago even before he had become the writer. However, now the author is working on his draft to give a mind-blowing ending to this epic book series.

The story of “The Doors Of Stone” will pick – up from the second book “The Wise Man Fears” which ended. In the upcoming book, we will be following the story of Kvothe’s life and it will also include the “Arc” which had begun in “The Name Of Wind”. The book will also serve as the epic ending to this trilogy series. However, in one of the interviews the author Patrick Rothfuss opened up that he is still not done with the whole “The Kingkiller Chronicles” he said that he wants to create more works set in Temerant.

However, speaking about the audiobook since the author Patrick Rothfuss has still not completed writing the third book i.e. “The Door Of Stone” there are still no talks about the audiobook. But as we know that there are audiobooks available for the previous two books of “The Kingkiller Chronicles”. So, we can very well expect the audiobook for the third one as well i.e., for “The Doors Of Stone.” Well, nothing is clear as of now, but once Patrick Rothfuss is done writing the third book, we will get a clear idea of whether or not an audiobook will be out for “The Doors Of Stone”.

Patrick Rothfuss Opens Up About “The Doors Of Stone” book

Speaking about his writing in one of the interviews Patrick Rothfuss opened up about his third book Doors Of Stone and the delay in its arrival. In the interview, he said that the global pandemic has been tough for all of us, and us writers as well. He said the entire COVID situation made the creative space of the writers quite complicated. Hence, the book has been so up late, but now he is still working on it. And that the book will be out soon!!

Also, the author Patrick Rothfuss has launched a prologue of the book. The prologue of the third book i.e. “The Doors Of Stone” is similar to the previous two books. In this prologue, we see the great magician Kvothe is starting to describe his story in the inn of Waystone as before. In this prologue, we get to see several phrases, new metaphors, and creative descriptions of various things.

The prologue seems musical, and it seems interesting. The prologue goes into detail about the Newarre town rather than the protagonist Kvoth. But it does seem interesting and like a perfect opening for the ending of an epic trilogy.

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