Victoria Season 4: Is Jenna Coleman getting REPLACED as Victoria?


The fans from all around the world are looking forward to the release of Victoria Season 4. Victoria series is a historical drama that is broadcasted by ITV. But as per the recent news, it looks like the show got postponed temporarily. So, at least for now, the fourth season of Victoria will not be coming out.

The broadcasting body of the show has declared recently that they currently don’t have any kind of plan to release the fourth installment. But on the other hand, they also mentioned that that doesn’t mean the show is being canceled. They are just keeping the show on hold. There is a huge chance that Victoria Season 4 will get released soon.

On top of that, the hopes of the fans for the fourth installment got reignited previously, when the star of the show Jenna Coleman told in an interview that there have been some talks about Victoria Season 4. In that interview that was taken back in 2021, she revealed that she had been approached by the producers regarding a new season.

Jenna (34 years) said that technically she is suitable for the role until she hits her sixties. But she also admitted afterward that at some point in the future, it’ll be appropriate to find somebody new (and older) for the role.

Victoria Season 4

Anticipated Plot For Victoria Season 4

As we can remember, there are several scopes available for the new season. We saw at the end of the last season that Price Albert collapsed on the floor dramatically. Queen Victoria, who was beside him got shocked and called him by his name several times. But he didn’t give any response.

From this point, the story can go in two ways. Either prince Albert will pass away. Or he will recover from his devastating health condition. Depends on how the writer of the story (Daisy Goldwin) will follow the incident that happened in real life. But if she doesn’t change the flow, we will be seeing Albert for the foreseeable future. As the timeline follows, the third season visualized the incidents of 1851. So, we are going to see Albert for another 10 years until his death in 1861.

Will Jenna Coleman Recast In Victoria Season 4?

In an interview with Graham Norton, the actress of Queen Victoria, Jenna Coleman has said that at the end of Season 3, she had seven children of her own. So, things don’t look real for her to some point. The age of Queen Victoria matches her real age now. Regarding Victoria Season 4, the actress also took the question of her recast under consideration and revealed that at some point she has to reprise the character. But chances are that she will not be playing her part when Victoria meets Abdul. She also revealed that things are going to be hard for her if she re-casts her character. As she will be younger than the character she has to recast in the future, things will get difficult to portray the older Victoria. “The matter of recast is a hard thing for the actor and he/she faces a lot of troubling challenge as it is hard to take things this far and then leave.” She concluded.

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