Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Release Date, Spoilers and Raw Scans.

Japanese manga Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 is knocking on the door. Dragon Ball Super is the sequel to be Legendary Dragon Ball manga. It is written and illustrated by ToyoTarou and supervised by Akira Toriyama. It is a very different anime created by Toei Animation. Curious and eagerly waiting fans want to know about the storyline after Goku and Gas travel through a multitude of places and references from the past. The official Dragon Ball website currently released a news video where Victory Uchida teases some information about the exciting upcoming Dragon Ball Super chapter 83. Although nothing is confirmed everyone is anticipating that the new episode of the manga will portray some intense fight between Goku and Gas.

A little recap of Chapter 82

Dragon Ball Super 82 features the flashback of Gas versus Bardock. At the end of the chapter, fans saw Bardock’s attempts to destroy Gas but nothing was happening. Goku arrives on the battlefield at a time when Heeters plans to thrash Vegeta, Granolah, and Monaito. Fortunately, the Robot speaker took them to a safer place.

Now fans are estimating that Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 will reveal something big. Hopefully, this chapter looks like the focus will be on the highly anticipated Gas versus Bardock flashback. The real war begin when Goku was overwhelmed by gas strength. Gas was kicking Goku while Goku could barely prevent or block the attack and got some bruises.

In the previous chapter, it showed that Macki noticed Gas speed with astonishment Gas continues to furiously fly towards them through space. Oatmeel started to play the Scouter’s stored audio, and then Monaito recognized Bardock’s voice while warning him to escape with Granolah from the battle with Gas 40 years ago. He told them to “Stay alive”, awakening a deep and repressed memory within Goku of Bardock and his mother Gine telling him the same thing as they sent him away from Planet Vegeta before its destruction. This shocking incident waved through Goku and a sharp, electric aura fired up around him. The scene suddenly shifted to Bardock’s battle with Gas 40 years ago. Now in the new episode, he will find out the secret to the hidden technique as well as all the undisclosed stories of Bardock Vs Gas from 40 years.

Spoilers and Raw Scans for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83

Unfortunately, no raw scans have been revealed yet. The time when the raw scans will be released the spoilers will start to circulate throughout the internet on various social media.

Now many will have questions about where to read the latest chapter?

All the latest and previous chapters of the Manga can be read online through the website of VIZ or else Shueisha’s English manga portal Mangaplus.

Now fans must be thinking about when Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 will be released?

Therefore here is the schedule for releasing the episode. English translations of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 are scheduled to release on April 20, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST. But 2 days before the English translation of the episode on 18th April 2022, the official Japanese version will come out. Now for international fans the scheduled timings for the Dragon Ball Super, Ch. 83 are:

Pacific Time: 9 AM

Central Time: 11 AM

Eastern Time: 12 NOON

British Time: 5 PM

Fans are anticipating a lot from this latest episode. Hopefully, the excited fans will be satisfied and enjoy the latest episode and many secrets will be uncovered.

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