Power Book IV Force Episode 10 Air Date and Expected Plot

Power Book IV: Force is an American crime drama series created by Robert Munic that premiered on February 6, 2022, on Starz. The series stars Donnie Yen, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Jason O’Mara. The series revolves around the conflict between two New York City police precincts: the elite Special Victims Unit, which handles the city’s most serious sexual offenses, and the 17th precinct, which handles the city’s most serious violent crimes. Force is set in the year 2038 when New York City is under the control of a totalitarian police state called the Power. The series follows the 17th precinct as they attempt to bring down the Power. The debut of Power Book IV: Force on Starz lived up to its title, delivering the biggest series premiere audience for any show in the premium cable outlet’s history. The series premiere of Power generated the largest audience for any STARZ premiere in the history of the premium cable outlet, with 4.8 million total viewers. The series has made a relevant mark among its audience, due to its huge success it has created strength to strength spin-offs for its audience. For our inquisitive audience, let us look at some relevant details about the Power Book IV Force Episode 10.

Power Book IV Force Episode 10 Expected Plot

However, as of now, no spoiler is there for Power Book IV Force Episode 10, It is expected that the new episode will see the impending war between the Irish and Serbian crime organizations which will reach a boiling point. However, decisions made by those who were close to Tommy could leave him in grave danger as the balance of power shifts in the Chicago drug case. While we create an Expected plot for you, mark the release dates before the arrival of episode 10.

Release Date And Where To Watch

From major sources, it has been credited that the Power Book IV Force Episode 10 is all set to release on 17th April and will arrive on STARZ at 8/7c on Sunday. Fans of the series had been waiting eagerly for the release of the most awaited Episode 10 since the release of the last episode.  The last episode of Power Book IV Force Season 1 has put the fans on the edge of curiosity so as to know what will happen in the coming episodes.

Cast And Crew

Joseph Sikora – Tommy Egan

Kris D. Lofton – Jenard Sampson

Anthony Fleming – JP Gibbs

Issac Keys – Diamond

Lilli Simmons – Claudia Flynn

Gabrielle Ryan – Gloria

Power Book IV Force Episode 10 is all set to break the doors of excitement among fans. This episode is going to be hugely popular among fans and many of us are waiting to break the shackles of the countdown and watch episode 10. The ratings and reviews of the previous episodes have spoken by themselves. Now, Fans are waiting to explore the story plot of the most curious and inquisitive series named Power Book.

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