Dylan O’Brien REPLACING Ezra Miller as The Flash, WB CONFIRMS

A new rumor is floating around the towns of Hollywood that Warner Bros is thinking of Replacing Ezra Miller as The Flash and this has been new exciting news for the fans. However, there are mixed reviews by the fans regarding The Flash controversy, most the Ezra Miller fans are thereby stating that it would be much better if the actor finds mental peace and stability in his life.

Is WB Considering replacing Ezra Miller in The Flash?

According to an inside source, Warner Bros is considering replacing Ezra Miller due to his series of arrests and his history of troubled career leading to damage to his professional reputation. Recently, he has been in news since his twice arrests by the Hawaiian police.

In Hawaii, Miller was getting into the bar where he was seen harassing the two couples by performing misconduct behavior against them by yelling and performing physical activities against them.

Apart from that, he has also been arrested by the Hawaiian police due to yelling and choking at a 26-year-old woman and a video was also resurfaced online regarding the same where he was seen physically assaulting a 26-year-old woman. And was also arrested for the same by the police on March 28, 2022.

With a history of allegations and arrest cases, Warner Bros can consider the option of replacing Ezra Miller with Dylan O’Brien as The Flash because according to fans Dylan is also a great actor and a performer who has been in loads of Television and film series such as Teen Wolf on MTV, Love and Monsters, and The Maze Runner series.  and according to fans, he is the best choice for the replacement of Miller.

However, the final confirmation for the same has not been stated by WB regarding the replacement. But it Looks like they might be considering the possibility to replace Miller regarding the same.

Was Grant Gustin also Considered to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash?

Following Miller’s first arrest it was also speculated at that time that Grant Gustin would be considered to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash. However, Gustin also starred in the CW’s TV version series of The Flash but later at a certain time, this idea was completely dropped due to the fact that it is would be difficult for the actor to play the same role on tv and in the film series because both the story is completely different.

However, these speculations remain only speculations that he would be replacing Ezra Miller as nothing is being confirmed yet by the team. Now since the second arrest of Miller, the Speculations are around Dylan O’ Brian who is according to rumors going to replace Ezra Miller as per the sources.

What are The Flash Fans saying in regards to the Replacement News?

Well, The Flash Fans are a sought of having mixed reactions regarding the News which is circulating about the Replacement of Ezra Miller. There are some who are of the view that since their arrest history Miller should focus more on his mental health and peace and should work on himself as a good human being marking any arrival for movies.

And there are some fans who are of the view that he should not be replaced with any actor as the acting and the professional essence which he has left in The Flash series is remarkable. And if not looking at his personal life and focusing more on his professional career he should no doubt consider and continue with his role.

Well, we cannot speculate by our own selves, it’s up to WB’s confirmation regarding the final roll call, and no matter who is going to replace whom we are sure that The Flash is going to amaze the screens with its story and plot.

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