Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Tying the Knot on this date – Rumors Explained

Recent Biggest News which is flying around the corners of Hollywood is that the Internet Sensation Kylie Jenner and the Rapper Travis Scott might be tying the Wedding Knot and this news has created a new Buzz and a new level of excitement among fans.

From multiple dating news to million-dollar gifts, both of them are back together since the birth of their second child. Recently, Kylie shared a new YouTube Video of her Pregnancy journey with her fans which included both the couple’s loving relationship after being back together with the birth of their son.

Sharing the adorable video of their son’s first birthday which showed the couple as a family. In the video, they both thanked their fans and supporters for all their love and support. They also shared that they have a lot more to share and will keep their fans updated.

Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott tying the wedding knot?

According to official sources, there has been no confirmation, and no official information is stated by the couple for their fans, but most probably due to the birth of their son, the possibility of both of them coming closer gives an indication of their possible wedding bells. However, fans would be more than happy about their wedding integration. So fans need to wait a little longer to hear from them about their wedding. As for both the part of the couple Kylie and Travis have not posted anything on their social media accounts in regards to the wedding rumors sparkling around.

The YouTube video that Kylie posted on her channel also included a video of her sonogram and footage of her and Travis’ sweet first meeting after their separation in August. They were also spotted in public holding hands and spending quality time together after the birth of their son which states that both of them are now back together after their separation. Kylie and Travis went public with their relationship in August and made it official in October when they called off their divorce.

On March 17, 2022, kylie also sparked Engagement rumors after she posted a photo on her Instagram Story of her left hand, which included a gold ring band on her ring finger, the design and the structure of the ring was no doubt like that of a wedding ring structure. However, Kylie at the time of her Instagram post did not respond to any of the speculations that she and Travis are secretly married.

However, both the couples have not themselves cleared their wedding rumors part, but it’s around the news that both of them are inseparable and are spending a lot of time together. Since the birth of their son, both of them have become really close and this in turn sparks a slight possibility of their Wedding bells.

Beginning of their Relationship: How did they first start?

The Jenner and the Rapper were first spotted on April 16, 2017, Coachella festival where they were caught holding hands for the first time which sparked their romance rumors. Kylie Jenner thought that the Rapper boy Travis Scott did not like her. And eventually, they end up being friends. But it was at the 2017 Coachella festival which sparked their romance rumors when the paparazzi spotted them holding hands for the first time.

Before dating Travis Scott, Jenner also dated another Rapper Boy Tyga which has glanced the whole Hollywood town and the glimpses of their relationship were also featured in the Kardashians show” Keeping up with the Kardashians”. However, both of them ended their relationship in March 2017, and the split was also addressed in the Kylie Jenner Series” Life of Kylie”.

Well, what might the situation be the closeness and the bond that both of them have created for each other due to the birth of their children is somewhat highlighting the possibility of a possible wedding between both of them? Meanwhile, Fans can only wait to see what will happen over the course of the year between both the couples.

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