Logan Paul & KSI Launches PRIME Drink’s New Flavors in UK and It’s Already SOLD OUT

The YouTube sensation and Social Media Personalities Logan Paul and KSI have Launched their new Hydration Drinks and fans are super excited to enjoy this Hydration drink named PRIME Hydration Drink this Hot summer. Whereas, the Biggest News in this regard is that the Summer Drink’s sold out even after getting launched in seconds in the UK which has excited the fans and the media persons.

The Energy drink named PRIME which earlier caused a huge rush in the USA among fans has now shifted its focus to the UK where the drink again proved successful and is already Sold Out in markets and this has caused a major rush among fans who wanted to purchase the sports drink.

What is Prime Hydration Drink?

Prime Hydration Drink is a sports drink created by Logan Paul and KSI collaboratively, When launching the drink both of them stated in an interview that this sports drink is going to change the standards of Sports drinks and is going to create greater and hard competition for the other drinks such as Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade, and Powerade, which are only filled with tons of sugar and no health benefits. Whereas Prime  Sports Drink will majorly be focusing on health and fitness-related drink and is not even filled with millions of sugar inside it, the drink contains 10% of coconut water as stated by the YouTuber.

Apart from that both the media personalities also confirmed that their major focus with this drink is related to fitness and health and this drink does not even compromise the health of the people.

Was the Prime Hydration Drink Available in the UK? And How did it got sold out?

Logan Paul and KSI first shocked their fans and stated that they would be collaborating on a Sports Drink and will release the drink on January 4. This also shocked a lot of fans when they first announced that they would be collaborating on a sports drink as earlier both of the personalities were rivals to each other.

However, Both the personalities launched their sports drink on 4 January, but the drink at that time was only available in the USA, thereby making it impossible for the fans to buy the drink in countries like the UK, Australia, etc.

However, after releasing the drink in the USA, many fans in the UK wanted the drink to be there in the country, as because KSI himself belongs to Uk, so for him, it was accepted to even launch the drink in the UK. After a series of Tweets by both of the media stars, on 11 May the duo excited their fans by making an official announcement that the sports drink is now available in The UK.

However, seconds after launching the Drink it got sold out in the UK markets and in the online domain. And According to Logan Paul, 50,000 bottles were already sold out after minutes of being launched, and this shocked all the fans. Now, the drink is out of stock in the UK and fans have to wait a little longer in order to get some clarification from the drink regarding the in-stock of drinks in the market or in the online domain.

How much does the Prime Hydration Sports Drink cost?

For the consumers, the Prime Hydration Sports drink in the online domain appears in a pack of 12 bottles and the pack of bottles according to its different flavors including Ice Pop colors of red, white, blue, etc. And for a consumer, a pack of 12 Prime Hydration Sports Drink costs £24.99, meaning each bottle costs around £2.08.

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