Is The Good Doctor on Netflix? Where to stream each and every season of the series

The popular medical drama series The Good Doctor on ABC has created an impression on the audience. Globally The Good Doctor is a very famous series and it has started to gain attention from the very first day of its release on television. The Good Doctor started to air on ABC on September 25, 2017, but is it available on other platforms too, or is it available on a sole platform to watch? We will be discussing everything about The Good Doctor in this article.

The Good Doctor is based on the 2013 South Korean series of the same name “The Good Doctor”. This famous series is developed by David Shore. Currently, The Good Doctor has 5 seasons in total which is wrapped up recently and it has been already renewed for season 06 in March 2022.

What is the expected plot or concept of the famous series The Good Doctor?

The series The Good Doctor follows the protagonist named Shaun Murphy. Shaun Murphy is a young autistic surgeon with savant syndrome. He is being doubted by many as he is autistic and from a small city of Casper, Wyoming however later on he moved on to the prestigious San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital in California to chase his dream to be a great doctor day and prove to everyone his ability. It is one of the unique concepts for a series. Each and every episode is a challenge thrown at Shaun Murphy and in every episode he has to prove to his colleagues who don’t like him much and doesn’t socialize much with him.

Currently, season 05 of The Good Doctor has just finished airing on ABC. Fans must be thinking about where to binge-watch or what is available on Netflix, let’s dive into the topic.

Is season 1- season 5 of The Good Doctor available on Netflix?

Unfortunately for fans the show The Good Doctor is not available on Netflix US however recently it is available on Netflix for various regions. Netflix US hasn’t picked up many of ABC shows in spite of being so many famous shows as ABC falls under Disney in the US. Legally ABC’s shows are licensed with a Disney subscription. If the show is not available on Netflix then there is no other platform to watch the show for US audience? Well absolutely not! Fans can enjoy the show on Hulu officially.

For other regions too Netflix is not the only streaming platform to watch the show. The show The Good Doctor each and every seasons and episode are available on Netflix, Hulu, Sony LIV, and even in Amazon Prime video! Hence fans may enjoy the whole show by binge-watching without any problems to be faced.

Any current update about the series The Good Doctor?

Recently, The Good Doctor has completed its season 5 on television. At the end of season 5, he married Lea Dilallo! The show has been already renewed for season 6 in March 2022. Soon the production unit will start its production for further seasons and episodes.

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