Zendaya to direct Euphoria Season 3 episodes Confirmed by insider sources

Zendaya to direct Euphoria Season 3 episodes Confirmed by insider sources

With the end of Season 2, Euphoria fans are waiting for Season 3, and this buzzing news that is coming from an inside source, states that Zendaya is going to direct Season 3 of Euphoria which has so far excited fans on another level. Let us take a look at this article to undercover what Zendaya is planning for Euphoria Season 3.

What is the Euphoria series all about?

Euphoria is an American drama television series that is created and written by Sam Levinson for the HBO platform.

The American series deals with teenage life problems, relationships, drugs, friendships, and love. The series follows the story of high school students including Rue, Maddy, Nate, Cassie, Jules, etc as they all deal with their life problems such as love, sex, drugs, relationships, and friendships. Rue Bennet who is the major character in the series faces drug addiction and struggles to find her place in the world and is also a recovering drug addict.

The series with its nude and sexual content has faced some criticism also but so far overall the series has received greater appreciation from the fans, the series has also been praised for its plot, storyline, especially cinematography, etc.

The Drama series is also the most-watched television series after Euphoria while receiving numerous awards and nominations such as Primetime Emmy Awards, TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama, etc.

Zendaya to make her directorial debut in Euphoria Season 3?

With her successful acting career, now Hollywood actress Zendaya is coming into the Direction Industry as she is tying her eye on the next project of Euphoria Season 3.

The Emmy Award winner in her recent Vogue Italia interview stated that she was supposed to direct Season 2, Episode 6 of Euphoria, titled “A Thousand Little Trees of Blood,”. However, she also stated that at that time she did not have enough time as she was also busy preparing her role because she was also acting in the episode.

The actress stated, “It’s funny. I was actually supposed to direct episode 6, but then I had to act in it,”. “I didn’t have enough time, so, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to this time around. I wanted to have enough time to do it the right way. So, next season probably.”

Therefore, according to official sources, we can say that Euphoria season 3 might be the one where Zendaya would be showcasing her directorial skills, for which fans are very excited and eager to watch.

Euphoria Cast Members exploring their filmmaking skills

Zendaya is not the only actress expanding her filmmaking skills, Other Euphoria stars are also expanding their hand in various non-acting projects. One of them is Hunter Schafer who plays Jules in the series, and also co-wrote Season 2 episodes, titled “Part 2: Jules” or “Fuck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob” along with the director Sam Levinson.

With this Schafer also now leads the horror film “Cuckoo”, whereas she also stars in “The Hunger Games: The Ballads of Songbirds and Snakes”.

Another Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney launched a production company Fifty-Fifty films in 2020 which is focused to bring the best stories to the big screens, with this her first project is “The Players Table”, an adaptation of Jessica Goodman’s novel “They Wish They Were Us” for HBO. Sweeney will star in the series and is currently in the process of writing the episodes of the series.

Euphoria Season 3 Potential Release Date

Well, as of now nothing has been revealed regarding the Season 3 of Euphoria. The only thing which the makers released was the announcement of the renewal of the third season of the series in Feb 2022.

And since, no other details have been revealed by the makers of the series. The second season of the series was postponed due to covid-19 whose initial release was set in 2019 but due to the pandemic, it got shifted to 2021 due to which the second season was premiered on screens on January 9, 2022.

And by looking at all these statics we can say that season third of the series might get late to premiere on screens, but somehow we can expect the third season to arrive somewhere in 2023 if everything goes well, then fans can expect the series to drop very soon.

Fans can also watch all the seasons of the series only on the HBO platform.

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