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Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Release Date And Schedule: Storyline ,Plot, Trailer

Attack on Titan is a famous Japanese anime series. Season 4 of the successful anime series Attack on Titan was released in December 2020. It gained huge popularity worldwide just after its launch in 2013. Attack on Titans is based on the manga of the same name written by Hajime Isayama

The series is telecasted on the NHK General TV in Japan. In Canada and America, it is streamed on various platforms such as  CrunchyrollFunimationAmazon Prime Video, and Hulu.

Season 4 of the series consisted of 16 episodes which were aired till March 2021. The remaining episodes  of season 4 are expected to come in January 2022 as Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2

The storyline of Season 4 Part 1

In the opening of season 4  Gabi Braun and Falco Grice, young Eldian Warrior is seen. They continue to seek  Reiner‘s Armored Titan four years after the failed mission to claim the Founding Titan. Because of the increasing development in anti-Titan Weapons, Marley’s dominance lowers in other countries. They further plan to attack the Paradis. They also develop their military with the help of various resources present on the island. Their search for the Founding Titan also continues. Amidst the situation, Eren Jaeger makes a plan to attack the Marley Invaders. Gabi, Falco, Reiner, and other Titans go to war with the Paradis soldiers in this huge tension. The war becomes intensively fierce and many Marley Warriors lost their lives. Both sides try their best to conquer one another through different tactics and strategies.

Despite these, both sides have to deal with their internal issues. Eren’s comrades begin to realize that he has begun to walk down a questionable path. On the other side, Gabi and Falco must combat their internal tensions over the supposed “devils” of Paradis.

Part 1 of Season 4 ended with the huge clash between the military forces and Eren. As military forces of Marley airdrops on The Shiganshina District (the town where the entire show began) to capture and kill Eren. But on the other hand, Eren kills thousands of civilians and the military men of the Marle.

Fans then become curious about the various issues. Some of them include Will Eren activate the Rumbling and use the Colossal Titans hiding in the walls surrounding Paradis Island to stop the Marley army? Will he get killed by Reiner? What the hell happened to Levi? We’ll have to wait and see.

Spoilers for Part 2 of Season 4

But still, there are some rumors related to the ending of the series. As it is based on Manga that cannot be completed in just some episodes. We cannot deny the possibility of a massive anime movie. One or two Attack on Titan anime movies would solve the issue of finishing off the main storyline – assuming that we will still follow that of the manga.

Yet we have seen some stunning and amazing emotional moments and various twists in the story. The love of the fans towards hated characters as well as fan favorites makes this series worth watching. We also discover the real origin of the power of the Titans. But as the manga ends on a pretty ambiguous note, the fires of war start blazing again. But one cannot deny the hopes and thinks of moving forward.

You can watch the trailer of the series below