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Big Sky Season 2 Is Officially Coming To ABC, And Fans Can’t Keep Their Calm; Read To Know More


The topmost of American crime thrilling drama “Big Sky” just got completed their season 1 and now are getting renewed for their second season. We all know this crime thriller is stabbed into the hearts of this young generation with its plots and twists.

This drama-thriller is created by David E. Kelly which is based on the books by C .J.Box which is based on the series The highway. This series got premiered on November 17, 2020, on a television channel which is ABC. And after its end, this series just got renewed as per the resources and it’s fixed from May 2021, not a particular date.

This series got originated from the United States and in their English origin of language. The whole first season got 14 episodes which come with a duration of 41-45 minutes per episode and the distribution company is from Disney plus. If you have a subscription to Disney plus you guys can watch the series.

The production companies were A+E studios and 20th Television. And the creator is also part of the production of this series. David E. Kelly productions too. This thrilling crime drama was all directed in British Columbia with the specific dense meadows where did most of the shooting happen. Which is Pitt Meadows. And on September 2020 ABC released the first trailer of this series. Here’s the link below.

This series got the best ratings so far with 6.7/10 IMDb and rotten tomatoes gave the rating of 59% so far. This series is all about finding the two girls who got abducted by a truck driver and two private detectives Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt and during the investigation they get to know that these two aren’t the only girls but many were abducted and killed by the killer. So they need to be doing something to save the girl’s life whose life would be on the verge of death. This is the synopsis of this series. And it’s quite possible to attract many audiences to watch this series. The slugline gives more attraction to this thrilling crime web series.

And ABC confirmed that season 2 will be starting its renovation in May 2021 and they will be introducing many more mysteries and twists and turns in the second season as they saw how hyped this show got. And they also stated that those audiences were more from the Gen-x Gen-y and Gen-Z too and they are very much more excited to know the release of season 2. And looks like the episodes will be with the number of 14 or more itself as per the resources. It’s still not sure. And while the midst of the series is happening for the first season. And people are awaiting the season 2 spoilers.

Till now, only 10 of the episodes got released as season 1 is in the midst they renewed season 2 and it’s seen that they will air the last 4 episodes on ABC itself and Disney plus VIP members will get to watch the series. Let’s know what you guys think about the series and what’s your feedback.