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Cruel Summer Episode 5 Release Date And Time Confimed By The Showrunners, Read To Know

Cruel Summer has been officially launched on Freeform and Hulu last month in April probably 20th April 2021. c. People are also curious to know about the total number of episodes scheduled for the show. Freeform and Hulu have suggested that Cruel Summer is going to be a show to watch for. It is highly recommended by the two online platforms.

Background Overview of Cruel Summer Season 1- Here Is What We Know So Far!!

Cruel Summer is based on the old year times of 1993, 1994, and 1995. The story mainly revolves around a student named Jeanette Turner. A typical nerdy student is befriended by another character named Kate Wallis. Kate is one of the most popular teens in the whole town of Texas and Jeanette wants to be like Kate.

But sooner we found that Kate disappears without leaving a hint and people think she is dead. While on the other hand, we see Jeanette takes Kate’s place. Now she becomes the most popular girl in the town. But in the later episode, we see that Jeanette turns into a social outcast. If you still haven’t watched the earlier four episodes then definitely watch them first.


Episode 5 of Cruel Summer is scheduled to stream on Freeform at around 10 pm ET probably on Tuesday, 11th May 2021. Unfortunately to see the episodes you have to wait weekly. While if you don’t have access to the channel Freeform on your TV then you can definitely watch it online on Hulu. All the aired episodes of Cruel Summer are there online as well via Hulu. You can watch episode 5 on Hulu on Wednesdays at 6:01 am ET and 3:01 am PT which is 12th May 2021. Episode 5 has been named, As the Carny Gods Intended. The synopsis of the fifth episode tells us that Jeannette and Kate will once again come across each other at the Skyline High which is a takeover of the County Fair. We will see in this episode one of them is going to do everything to prove herself right while the other one will be considered losing herself.


According to us, Cruel Summer season 1 is expected to consist of a round of 10 episodes in total. It has been verified by the Cruel Summer’s IMDb page. This series has gained a lot of audience attention and is day by day growing popular. People are loving the plot of the show. But unfortunately, it will have only 10 episodes in total.

Not only there will be 10 episodes but there will not be any season 2 for the show. It’s a single-season story. It will probably end on Freeform probably on 15 June. The season finale is set to be aired on that date. While the last episode will stream on Hulu a day later from Freeform, probably on 16th June 2021.