Dr. Stone season 3 Release Date - Is it the final season?

Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date – Is it the final season?

The second season of the anime series Dr. Stone ended on 25th March 2021. Dr. Stone is based on the identical Japanese manga series launched on TMS Entertainment in July 2019. Senku Ishigami, a young scientist with brilliant ideas, is the subject of Dr. Stone. Ishigami wants to revive civilization after 3,700 years, during which people were enigmatically preserved. Discover when and where to watch Dr. Stone Season 3 by reading on.

Dr. Stone is one of those shonen series that has particularly piqued the interest of most anime viewers. It’s interesting to see Senku Ishigami bring the most straightforward yet ground-breaking innovations from the modern world into the stone age, where Senku’s chronology has descended. The third season of Dr. Stone, New World, is expected to go into the petrification origin narrative.

Dr. Stone season 3

Dr. Stone season 3 Release date

The third season will debut in April 2023, says Dr. Stone. The spring 2023 release window is already confirmed, but the specific release date in April is still a mystery. Before its release, there is still time for you to catch up with Dr. Stone.

TMS Entertainment will supervise season 3’s production. Case Closed, Lupin the Third, and Fruits Basket are just a few of the anime they are renowned for animating. TMS Entertainment was responsible for the previous Dr. Stone seasons.

The studio produced 24 episodes for Seasons 1 and 2 and 11 for Season 2. The number of episodes for Season 3 has yet to be made public. Season 3 will feature 20 episodes or more, though, given the size of the upcoming arc. What will the following season be about, though?

Dr. Stone Season 3 Plot

This story will follow our favorite characters as they travel worldwide, looking for the source of the petrification. Season 3, dubbed New World, will adapt Age of Exploration and possibly Treasure Island. Picking up where Season 2 left off, all tales span Chapters 83 to 138 of the manga.

The third season will include a collaboration between the Kingdom of Science and the Empire of Might to construct a ship. Their objective is to travel to the other side of the planet to discover what led to humanity’s petrification. Doing this lets, you meet new folks and find a different post-petrification neighborhood.

Since this series is known as The Source of Petrification, many questions will be resolved this season. This season’s events will advance the story as they unravel the mysteries of their petrified, post-apocalyptic world. In addition, the Kingdom of Science will create many fresh discoveries that will aid in its development.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Cast

The Dr. Stone season 3 cast is as follows:

  • Yûsuke Kobayashi as Senku Ishigami
  • Karin Takahashi as Suika
  • Tomoaki Maeno as Kinro
  • Reina Ueda as Ruri
  • Ryota Suzuki as Ryusui Nanami
  • Makoto Furukawa as Taiju Shiba
  • Manami Numakura as Kohaku
  • Gen Satô as Chrome
  • Ayumu Murase as Giro.

How is season 2 of Dr. Stone connected to season 3?

Tsukasa, the infamous villain, met his demise at the end of the Stone Wars. Because Tsukasa has been the series’ main antagonist since Season 1, it’s possible that they anticipated Tsukasa would stay longer. As a result, it was rather conclusive for the series.

The Stone Wars, which strained Senku’s village of science, was finally put to rest in Dr. Stone Season 2. Senku Ishigami now tries to enter the sea after his lone foe has vanished. Senku will learn what is in store for him in the “New World” on what may be considered his first Christopher Columbus expedition.

Where to watch Season 3?

The Spring 2023 anime schedule presently has Dr. Stone: New World’s release date set for some time in April of that year. There’s still time to catch up on the new episodes until it’s confirmed whether or not the third season will be available to stream on Crunchyroll as the first two did. Crunchyroll is presently offering streaming access to the first two seasons (as well as the Ryusui special episode that bridges the seasons).

Trailer Update

On Sunday, during Jump Festa 2023, a brand-new Dr. Stone season 3 teaser trailer was unveiled. In April 2023, the new season, officially named “Dr. Stone: New World,” will debut. The series’ highly renowned Treasure Island Arc will be covered in the upcoming season, which TMS Entertainment will again animate. You may also see a significant image unveiled below for the forthcoming season. Maaya Sakamoto will voice Ryusui’s butler Francois in the following season.

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