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When Will My Hero Academia Chapter 311 Manga Release? All News And Spoilers

Chapter 311: My Hero Academia Release.

This weekly shonen anime is creating a record on being the top most always since its first release on July 7, 2014, and it has 27 volumes in the genre of tankobon itself and as per the English translation of this series is always been released by viz media after some hours of the actual language of origin Japanese release. This “My hero Academia is also available on Netflix and Funimation and Cryuncyroll besides the local Japanese channels and it’s both in English dub and sub.  And besides manga, this series started its series in the form of illustrations on shonen weekly jump magazines on February 9, 2015.

And into the visualization of this anime, this manga was started into anime television From April 3 to June 26 in 2016 this anime’s first season got completed. And in television, this series was produced by Bones television company. And it aired always on time of 5:00 PM on only Sundays. And after that, season second was released from April 1st to September 20,,17 and the channels of NTV and YTV. After that, the third season got broadcasted on the same YTV staff and cast which was scheduled from April 7 to September 29, 2018, and the fourth season was from October 12 2019 to April 4, 2020. And now the current season 5 got released and it’s still running it was premiered on March 27, 2021, and still running and the resources don’t have any particular date for the sixth season.

Looks like the spring and summer season will have the audacity to get cuddled up by the fans of my hero academia and their tweets according to this release of manga series chapter 311. As we know that this series is one of the best in a decade and it never got down in the competition. And we can see that this manga series is in the form of releasing the next chapter and season 5 is still running the world and the crew also announced the third film in a row and the sources and cast will reveal it soon.

This series is all about the future of powers and how to become a hero by controlling them. As the main character izuku wants to become the hero by gaining the powers called Quirks. As the story revolves it comes with a twist only Quirks can contain those powers. But Izuku isn’t one. After a tragedy that involves his friend Katsuki and the rest of the story is how and why to get those powers. And this can be put into the summary of this great manga series.

As for the release of chapter 311, it will be getting released on May 9th of Sunday and according to the different time zones, the time may differ from the other time zones. The time for particular places is given below.

  • On 9-11 AM Pacific Time (PST)
  • 11AM – 1 PM Central Time (CST)
  • Mid Noon – 2 PM Eastern Time ( EST)
  • 4PM- 6PM British Time( BST)
  • 5-7 PM European Time ( CEST)

These are the timings to differing zones but they may differ and they won’t be so accurate timings. And good news for the fans you can now read the manga chapter 311 of My Hero academia and about the spoilers, there weren’t any looks like we need to wait till the release. Fans are so excited they are posting cute tweets, here are some:

Here’s a Weeb sharing they’re ready with the GIF which is so cute.

Let’s know what you guys think about this series and let’s feedback in the comments.