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Netflix New K-Drama Law School Episode 8 Is Ready To Release; Everything You Need To Know

Netflix’s Drama: Law school episode 8.

This 2021 got the best K-drama release on Netflix and many are trending on top for example Vincenzo and to the list “Law school” also got added and this south  Korean television series was first premiered in JTBC on April 2021 14. And this series always airs its episode on Wednesdays and Thursdays according to the Korean standard time at 21:00 kst.

This series got its distribution from Netflix and the series episodes will get released on Netflix after some time of the original episode which telecast on Television Network. Law school is based on the general drama genre with legal traits in the drama. This series written by Seo In and directed by Kim Seok-Yoon. This series got originated from the Korean language by the South Korean region. And the total of this series season 1 episode is 16. And now they’re releasing the 8 episode of this series.

Each episode runs for 60 minutes. And the storyline is 56 minutes. The synopsis of the Series is likely to set in Hankuk University of Law school and the would-be taking up the cases. And the students and professors will get across a new unusual case and they will go through many phases to get to the root of the case. Where the cast comes in who is with the role of prosecutor Yang Joong-Hoon known as Kim Myung Min and would be playing a role as a professor at the University of law school and students never likes him because of the tough personality she shows. And the students nickname him “Yangcrates” and his only friend who is also a professor Kim Eun-sook as Lee Jungeun he talks to. And first-year students Kang Sol as Rye Hye and Joon-Hwi as Kim Bum two will get into the scene and they will try to solve the cases with the professor when the unusual death of the good status law professor death happens.

This is the synopsis and episode 8 is ready to release and as per the resources, it was told that this series will get a release on May 6th, 2021. On Thursday around the world as per the time zones and it’s expected to get a release on the local time of Netflix at 11:00 Pm. Other timings are:

  •  Thursday 9 PM, South Korea May 6th.
  • Thursday 7 AM PDT( Pacific Time) on May 6th.
  • Thursday 9 AM CDT ( Central Time) on May 6th.
  • Thursday 10 AM EDT (Eastern Time) on May 6th.
  • Thursday 3 PM BST (British Time) on May 6th.
  • Thursday 4 PM CEST ( European Time) on May 6th.
  • Thursday 10 PM PHT(Philippine Time) on May 6th.
  • Thursday 11 PM KST ( Korean Time) on May 6th.
  • Thursday 11:30 PM ACST (Australia Time) on May 6th.

These are not accurate there may be some slight changes due to any technical errors that might happen. otherwise, these were the given times as per the resources. Here are some tweets that are circulating for the release of Episode 8 by Fans.

This says that the start of the season will be boring somewhat and you will get hooked up while you keep watching.

You guys can watch this series on Netflix. And you could get the one screen subscription service to Netflix for only Indian rupees 100. Let me know what you guys think about the series.