No Mercy In Mexico Viral Video on Social Media Explained

No Mercy In Mexico Viral Video on Social Media Explained

The world can be the kindest place and ironically the cruelest place just like a coin has two sides. Social media can be the best and worst place for people. It gives exposure to many things. Nowadays social media is filled up with much content whether it’s cringe or informational, people are just hungry for fame. This is not the first time that a video went viral on social media platforms. Recently a heart-wrenching and disturbing video titled as “No Mercy in Mexico” went viral on various social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and Tik Tok. Only a few can watch that horrific video at their own risk. As the title suggests no mercy in Mexico it literally meant that way. In this video a highly torturing murder is shown, the individuals were killed without any mercy.

No Mercy in Mexico

What happened in the viral video of “No Mercy in Mexico” and why many people are disturbed after watching this?

No Mercy in Mexico is a video that is full of torture, gore, violence, and disgusting words. The video is based on a true incident in Mexico. Recently the video went viral on Twitter although the video was uploaded to the site Documenting Reality in early 2018.

In this video, two individuals are tied up father and son by a police gang. Both of them are tied up and sitting on the ground. They were surrounded by mass while the father is wincing and crying in pain. He was being struck several times with a stick. He was totally in pain and the mass continued to torture him by continuously hitting him on his head after the brutal torture they didn’t stop there and cut his head and they pointed it on the screen. Immediately after the father died son started to cry as after his father it was his turn. In the next timeframe of the video, it turned out to be more horrific. He was already in pain and was trying to fight back but all of it was in vain. One of the members of the gang did a small hole in his heart while he cried in pain. They pulled out his guts and internal organs while he dies in enormous pain.

The video “Guerrero Flaying” or “No mercy In Mexico” shocked and disturbed the watchers. Some people watched it and re-uploaded it on various social platforms in small clips like Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube and etc.

Some more details

The video is also known by the name Guerrero Flaying. The whole incident was documented and released in three parts. It was uploaded in 2018 however it got infamous between late 2021 and early 2022. Many social media platforms removed the video due to its violence and disturbing content however people can watch some clips here and there.

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