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Read To Know What To Expect From 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Episode 12

Hello lovely readers! Is 9-1-1: Lone Star one of your must-watch shows? Does it fall on your favorite list? Then you are on the right site. This article is exclusively for all the fans of Lone Star. Read to know some interesting insights of the show.

If you are a fan of Lone Star then you must be well aware of the telecast of season 2. And speaking of Season 2, episode 12 is about to air on your screen very soon. Episode 12 of the 2nd season is entitled “The Big Heat”. So, what exactly can you expect to watch in episode 12? Read to know the details.

Episode 12 of the 2nd season promises to bring some of the biggest challenges at the foot of Rob Lowe’s Owen Strand. Undoubtedly you can expect the challenges to blow away Owen’s job and life. Yes, Owen will have some topsy-turvy moments with him in his career as a firefighter. This episode will be all about throwing some really hard test on the characters of the show. Jeopardizing their future, will the characters successfully pass this test ahead of them?

In the 12th episode of the 9-1-1 Lone Star season 2, you will also witness Owen getting accused of some hideous crime. Speaking of the issue, can you now guess what exactly is the challenge lying in front of Owen? His challenge now is to find his escape route from this accusation.

Yes, he needs to clear his name to prove his innocence to the public. Obviously, nothing comes so easy to anyone. There will be people who on the other hand will try their level best to prove Owen guilty of the crime which can result in some negative impact on his career and life.

As if the troubles are not worse enough, Owen is also on the verge of recovering. So, is it going to be any easier for him? No, it is about to get only tougher because he has to rely on others to help himself rescue from the situation.

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All, those who are wondering what is Owen recovering from, here’s an answer for you all. Owen met with a terrible accident and had to undergo major surgery. After the successful completion of the surgery, doctors advised him to take some rest for a couple of weeks before going back to work. With the current scenario resulting from the accusations, do you think it will be possible for Owen to recover? I don’t think it is going to get any easy.

Have you watched the synopsis of 9-1-1: Lone Star season 2 episode 12? If you haven’t, here’s a little glimpse for you all. The synopsis clearly points out that Owen, who is apparently recovering from his major injury is now trapped in the serial arsonist case. He is in fact the prime suspect of the case. Despite his condition, he will have to participate in the process of investigation. But the only ray of hope is that his other firefighter friends/colleagues will come to help him fight the case.

The recent fire jeopardized the life of Owen. Following the terrible incident, Owen became the prime suspect in front of the public and the law. But do you know why is it so? Owen was actually present in the location when the building caught fire. And this incident backed up the accusation meted out against him.

Have you watched the promo yet? Do watch it, if you haven’t. The promo shows Owen at the front and center of everything that was taking place. Following the exploration of the recent fire, Owen was soon arrested by the cops. You will also see, people, reporters asking Owen questions regarding the case.

In addition to the above incident, you will also get to witness T.K. and Carlos getting trapped in the fiery situation. Tommy on the other hand will get the surprise of her life. With the season marching towards its closure, you can certainly expect some more intense stories opening their chapters. In the show Ronen Rubinstein, Rafael Silva, Gina Torres played the role of T.K., Carlos, and Tommy respectively.

DO not forget to switch on to Fox on Mondays to watch 9-1-1: Lone Star season 2. Episode 12 will air on Monday, May 10 on the Fox channel.

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