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sMothered Season 3: What Should We Expect From Episode 3?

You might have heard it at least one time in your lifetime, someone saying, “like mother, like daughter”. sMothered will show you an extreme side of this saying. It is nice to see a good mother-daughter relationship, but excess of anything might be dangerous. As of now, two seasons of sMothered aired successfully on TLC and now it is time for sMothered Season 3.

From the look of episode second’s ending, we are positive that fans are eager to know more about the third one. Why am I saying so? Watch the show and know the reason.

sMothered Season 3- Release

Release Date: sMothered Season 3 Episode 3

SMothered is a TLC show and the third season started airing recently. The third season of sMothered released its first episode on 31 May 2021. Following a weekly suit, the second episode came out on 7 June 2021. Similarly, sMothered Season 3 Episode 3 will air on 14 June 2021 at 9 pm ET.

sMothered Season 3- Cast

Cast: sMothered Season 3

The new cast members of sMothered Season 3 include:

  • Amy, the mother, and Carina, her daughter
  • The mother-daughter duo of Karla and Rykia
  • Lisa, the mother, and Lauren, daughter

The ones who will be coming back in season3 of sMothered are:

  • The mother and daughter, Cristina and Kathy
  • Sunhe, the mother, and Angelica, her daughter
  • The mother and daughter, (who almost look like twins) Dawn and Cher

sMothered Season 3- Plot

Upcoming Plot: sMothered Season 3

Spoilers Alert: If you don’t want to ruin your fun for episode three then skip this part.

The third episode is titled “No Boundaries” will feature the after consequences of the blow-ups that the viewers witnessed at the end of the second season. When Rasheed’s mother talked to his girlfriend, Chelsea in an inappropriate way, it was clear that Rasheed reacted to that. It will be revealed in the third episode. Lauren will also disclose the plan of her pregnancy to Laura, and we are all looking forward to what will happen then.

The part which most of the audience is looking forward to is how Jason would react to the whole living together situation. It looks like that to live with Angelica, Jason has to live with her mother also. By living together, we mean they will be all under the same roof. ( It sounds weird.)

sMothered Season 3- Episode 3

Storyline: sMothered Season 3

In the latest episode of sMothered Season 3, we followed the duos in several activities. Jason and Angelica invite their respective family to let them know their plans about raising the baby and engagement. But when Angelica’s mom said that she will live with them, it was obvious that Jason was not happy.

Lauren is also keeping a secret from her mother, while Christina and Kathy are preparing for the upcoming Halloween. Christina’s peace is disturbed due to the pizzeria situation. We witness Dawn’s desire to play with her grandchild while we see how exciting Carly’s love life is. And the episode had a lot more than that.

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