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Summertime Season 2: Netflix Original Launch Date And Teaser Release

In the second season of Summertime, the Italian series is back on Netflix with all summer-like aura of the Adriatic Coast. The whole new season will debut on June 3rd, 2021.

Summertime is a teen-romantic drama produced by Cattleya production which aired on Netflix last year. The story is based on the novel Three Meters Above The Sky by Federicco Moccia. The first season of Summertime debuted last year on 29 April with protagonist Summer, who actually hates the summer season until she falls for Ale, the famous motorcyclist. 

With all the warmth of summer, the Summertime is coming back with a brand new season. The second season of Summertime is based on the book Three Steps Over The Heaven. The second season of Summertime will premiere on Netflix on June 3rd, 2021. Much like the very first season, it will have 8 new episodes. Everyone with the service could stream the show to join Summer on her journey!

Summertime Plot:

The plot of Summertime takes us back to an introverted protagonist, Summer who doesn’t like the summer. She takes a job at The Grand Hotel Cesenatico to cope up with her financial crisis but eventually falls in love with Ale, the motorcyclist who has taken a break after a fatal accident. Their love blooms on the beach of the Adriatic coast. It grows strong and more lively with the summer sun as the plot ascends. Summertime is full of simple, admirable, emotional, warm heart-touching plots. At the end of the first season, we see that Ale moves to Spain, parting ways with Summer with truly unforgettable memories and experiences.

Summertime Season 2 Trailer :

With the release of the trailer, we are getting all excited to continue our journey with Summer. The end of Summertime left us with Summer and Ale parting ways but with the new season. There are twists and turns after the leap of a whole year. According to the official Synopsis of Netflix, the journey continues with Summer, and her friend Edo and Sofia moving forward towards their bright future after passing the exam. On the other hand, Ale is struggling with his return to the tracks with someone new in his love life, Lola.

“How many things can happen in a year?” reads Netflix’s official synopsis for this teen drama. Everyone is discovering what it really means to grow up. But this summer will speak above all of the love: the torment and the ecstasy of a feeling that from being dreamed, desired, and feared finally becomes reality and which, once again on the notes of an exciting soundtrack, will open the hearts of the protagonists to new challenges.” Here’s the official trailer of Summertimes Season 2 :

Summertime Season 2 SoundTrack:

In the teaser trailer, the images are marked by  “L’ultima notte”, the new song by Ariete for Summertime. Here’s what Ariete has to say about her new song:

“Even though it may seem like a carefree song, ‘L’ultima notte’ hides the nostalgia for a summer that ends,” says Ariete. “While I was writing it I was remembering the beach, the bonfires with friends, the evenings spent drinking and that inevitable sadness you feel when everything is about to end”.

Summertime Season 2 Cast :

The majority of the cast is returning in the new season. Coco Rebecca Edogamhe as Summer, Ludovico Tersigni as Ale, Andrea Lattanzi as Dario, Amanda Campana as Sofia, Giovanni Mainia as Edo , Alicia Ann Edogamhe as Blue, Romina Colbasso as Giulia . The new faces in the second season are Amparo Pinero Guirao as Lola, Lucrezia Guidone as Rita, and Giovanni Anzaldo as Jonas.

 Leaving us with all those vibrant emotions of loneliness, love, and hope: Summertime Season 2 is coming to start once again with all mixed emotions. So, gear up for all the new episodes of the Summertime exclusively premiering on Netflix.