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Sweet Tooth Season 2: Renewal Schedule and Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Storyline

Have you ever thought about hybrids? Not the plant hybrids but human hybrids? Netflix presents Sweet Tooth that can give you an insight into what is a possibility if hybrids appear. But even before season one was released, there is a buzz for Sweet Tooth Season 2.

Sweet Tooth is developed by Jim Mickel as a Netflix original series based on Jeff Lemire’s comic book. Evan Moore produces the series’ first season. While Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey executively produce the series along with Linda Moran, Amanda Burell, and Jim Mickel. Let’s see what Gus feels about suddenly seeing the bigger world. Will his search for sweets make his sweet tooth satisfied?

Sweet Tooth Season 2

Release Date: Sweet Tooth

The first season will come out on 4 June 2020 and consists of eight episodes. There is no such announcement of Sweet Tooth’s renewal that we came across. But according to Whenetflix, Sweet Tooth Season 2 already has a release date.

The second season will premiere exactly a year after the first one, give or take a few days. The exact date is said to be 3 June 2021, just a day before to complete a whole year difference. Though the second season seems to be a great possibility in the future.

Sweet Tooth Plot

Cast: Sweet Tooth

We can expect all the main cast to be there in Sweet Tooth Season 2 (if any). Christian Covey respiring his character as Gus along with Nonso Anozie playing as Tommy Jepperd. The character of Gus’s father can also be back, played by Will Forte.

Moreover, Adeel Akhtar might respire his character as Dr. Aditya Singh. At the same time, James Brolin will be back as the Narrator. By the end of season one, we will know the potential of character better than just making blind shots.

Plot: Sweet Tooth

Let us take one thing at a time, as Sweet Tooth season 1 isn’t streaming for at least a couple of days, we are not sure of what would be the finale. And sans a finale, there’s no insight for the next season. We still have to watch the series and know what is yet to come. For now, the trailer of the first season dropped in April, check it out below.

Sweet Tooth Storyline

Storyline: Sweet Tooth

The story follows a part human and part animal hybrid Gus and a wandering loner Jepperd. A decade ago, havoc, The Great Grumble wrecked the world which led to the emergence of hybrids. As humans are not sure about the hybrids being either the result or cause the virus, they hunt them.

The deer-boy Gus lived in a secluded forest for past years and Jepperd stumbled across in his life. The two befriend each other and set out for an adventure. They have to trace what’s left of America to find the answers to Gus’s origin, Jepperd’s past, and what actually is home.

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Trailer: Sweet Tooth