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The Most Successful And Longest-Running Manga Series “One Piece” Chapter 1012 Release Date, Time, And Spoilers

One-piece- Chapter 1012 Release date and spoilers!!

This One piece of shonen manga stays at the top and longest-running best successful manga series till now and it’s trending on Twitter now. And it’s time for its 1012 chapter release and fans are on their verge of waiting to know any spoilers and know the exact date of release of this great manga series.

This Japanese manga series is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Who is popularly known as the multitasker who always manages to write and illustrate how And it had always been seen in the shonen magazines which are written by Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. And it started getting submerged on the magazine in 1997 July. And this manga series is very popular for having 98 volumes of tankobon. And it keeps getting its releases till now. And the story summary is so unique of this manga people loved it to keep following the story.

This story depends on a boy who gets some rubbery properties after eating some dangerous fruit and he sets on adventures and he named himself Money D Luffy. And he starts being adventurous with his pirate crew which includes his friends and is named Straw Hat pirates. And Luffy keeps trying to find the “One piece” Treasure to become the king of pirates. This is the story synopsis and it has a very unique style of writing and illustrations. Even the story is about adventure but it remains to entertain every weeb out there besides the age.

And this media contains many franchises which are :

  • List of one-piece media.
  • List of one-piece films.
  • List of one-piece video games.
  • Music of one piece.

These are the franchises this media has and it got production by I.G and it started broadcasting on Japanese anime in 1999 in Toei animation. And in 2004 Australia started to get released in the form of English dub. And this manga series got so much hype and it’s still on the top manga series of the decade.

And its 1012 chapter is getting ready for its release and it was said by the resources the chapter release will be scheduled and it will be provided to shonen jump magazine which includes viz media. And the release would be on Sunday, May 9th, 2021. And it is expected to get released at midnight with the time zone of JST. And for the translation in English, it would get released after some hours of the original release. And the timings may differ at the particular parts because of the equatorial time zones which would be.

  • At 8-10 AM PDT (Pacific Time)
  • At 10-12 AM CST (Central Time)
  • At 11AM-1PM EST ( Eastern Time)
  • At 4-6 PM BST ( British Time)
  • At 5-7 PM CEST ( European Time)

These are the particular times the manga will get the release of its 1012 chapter. And fans are already so awaiting that their posts on Twitter are trending here are some :

Using office meme it’s so cute lol.

Weebs showing how much they love this anime.

As per the spoilers in the previous chapter, we saw that there was an attack on onigashima castle and page one and Ulti will be facing the Big mom. And there are yet no spoilers are out. Let’s know what you guys think about this and give this article feedback.