Cesar D’ La Torre: A Distinct Presence in International Entertainment

Cesar D’ La Torre has established himself as a significant actor across English and Spanish-speaking media. His expansive array of roles in movies, TV series, and video games highlights his dynamic range. Memorable performances include his roles in ‘Angry Neighbors’ alongside Frank Langella and Stockard Channing, and in the BAFTA-winning ‘Immortality.’ His talents also shine in the action film ‘Muna’ and the romantic comedy ‘Heavy Duty Lovers’ with Eric Roberts, as well as in the science fiction feature ‘Black Easter,’ which revolves around a time-travel terrorist plot.

His participation in the American entertainment scene includes appearances in Amazon’s ‘Leverage Redemption,’ the TBS sitcom ‘Ground Floor,’ and ‘Throwing Shade’ on TV Land, featuring Will Ferrell. His performance in ‘DTLA’ on LOGO TV had him sharing the screen with Melanie Griffith. Furthermore, Cesar expanded his creative pursuits by co-directing, writing, and starring in the short film ‘The Florist,’ which received nominations at the Burbank International Film Festival.

Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, now based in Los Angeles, Cesar is also a skilled martial artist with a black belt in karate and multiple national championships from Venezuela under his belt.

His acting portfolio includes roles in “Bloody Bridget,” “Psychic Visions,” “Angry Neighbors,” “Leverage Redemption,” “Immortality,” “City Limits,” among others. Starting martial arts training at the tender age of six, he transitioned to acting at seventeen, moving to Venezuela’s capital to advance his career. Following success as a National Champion in Karate – Kumite, D’ La Torre fully dedicated himself to acting.

To keep up with Cesar D’ La Torre and his upcoming projects, follow him on social media and view his IMDb profile:

Twitter: @cesardlatorre

Instagram: @cesard_____

Facebook: @cesardoficial

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IMDb: www.imdb.me/cesardlatorre

Written by Sherry Lee, Hollywood Legends

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