‘Imaginary Smoke?’

The rapper formally known as Mulatto, who now goes by the name ‘Latto’ has made a collection of verbal attacks in the form of music recently. So much so its got people wondering who is she so angry at and constantly dissing in her music!? And why is every song seemingly a mock or reply to songs this one particular rapper named HotPink makes? Well here’s the scoop of what we’ve learned so far. In 2022 Rap Artist Hotpink released the song Gingerbread Man. In the song Hotpink says “I got a hunnit bands I don’t F** wit you, so don’t f** with me”. In 2023 Rapper Latto hopped on a feature and replied “100 bands? WTF is 100 bands! You fckd like 100 n**** and ain’t got 1 man. And ain’t got 1 hit”..  Latto then goes on to make 2 songs. The first titled ‘Put It On The Floor’, the other titled, ‘Put It On The Floor Again ftCardi B’, to ensure her voice was heard and her message was clear and that the attack and beef was real, with a part 2. In the song ‘Put It On The Floor’, and ‘  Put It On The Floor Again, ftCardi B’ , Latto (whose real name is Alyssa) uses the Rapper known as Hotpink, signature adlib in the background while she (Latto) says “And I heard about your pus**, bi***. Armpits like your coochie and it’s giving fish”. Rapper Hotpink “HOT” adlib is heard In the background of those insults, directly targeting Hotpink. In the same song, Latto goes on to use music lyrics from HotPink’s song titled “ Give A Damn” which was written and copyrighten back in 2010, to further mock her in her diss tracks. And while most artist have been inspired by HotPink, apparently Latto has made herself a rap beef. On songs ‘Put It On The Floor’, and song ‘Put It On The Floor Again’, Latto can be heard rapping the lyrics  “I dun dun it all, I feel like Shawty Lo. Laughing to the bank” repeatedly throughout the hook.  Strikingly similar, almost identical to HotPink’s “Give A Damn” where she says “I dun dun it all, I’m Shawty Lo.” And “ I’m laughing hearty hard. Straight to the bank.” With all the diss tracks Latto has been making, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know exactly who she’s been going in on. The rapper Latto has become quite famous for using other people’s songs and recreating already established music. Such as her debut song ‘Big Energy’ which she recreated Mariah Carey’s hit song ‘Fantasy’ from back in 1995. And ‘Tear the club up’ which was originally made by Triple 6 mafia in 1995 as well. It seems to be a perpetual habit that has worked to her advantage in her music career.

The Rap Artist Hotpink has been affiliated in the music industry for over 15 years. She’s created numerous songs that have inspired many famous artists throughout those years. She’s also the creator the “Drip” trend and brand “Her Juice” that has become viral across the world. In 2023, the rapper was interviewed by SHOUT Radio , coincidently, for the same reason. In the interview, Hotpink talks about musicians who have used her lyrics in their songs, and about her new releases and plans for the future. You can check out that interview on her website www.therealhotpink.com and follow her on Instagram and Tumblr @TheRealHotpink for the latest updates.

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