David Verde x Kasher Quon – Perkys Talkin (Music Video)

Sacramento artist David Verde has teamed up with Detroit’s Kasher Quon to release a joint collaboration called “Perkys Talkin’.” The music video, directed by David Le and produced by Evince, showcases David’s unique style and Kasher’s signature flow.

In the music video, David and Kasher trade verses over a hard-hitting beat, with David’s unique style bringing something different to the table as he unites Kasher to give the track an extra flavor. The video features stunning visuals and impressive VFX by Diyazura.

“Perkys Talkin'” is a must-watch for fans of hip hop and rap music. The track showcases the talents of two rising stars in the industry and is sure to be a hit with fans.

If you’re a fan of David Verde and Kasher Quon, be sure to check out their other collaborations, including the “Perkys Talkin'” remix, available on Apple Music and YouTube.

Overall, “Perkys Talkin'” is a standout track that showcases the unique talents of David Verde and Kasher Quon. With impressive visuals and hard-hitting beats, this music video is a must-watch for fans of hip hop and rap music.

Kasher Quon x David Verde – P*rkys Talkin’ (Music Video)


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