John McDonough Answers the Call with Latest EP Release

John McDonough, the rising star of acoustic music, has returned with his latest EP, “We’ll Answer The Call,” a follow-up to his 2021 masterpiece, “Second Chances.” The EP bears witness to McDonough’s unbridled passion for the 1936 Olympic Champion United States rowing team, led by the legendary Joe Rantz and his Husky rowing team, who astounded the world at the Berlin games.

The title track, “We’ll Answer The Call”, is a riveting tune that showcases McDonough’s signature acoustic guitar arrangements, evocative piano notes, and unexpected electric guitar riffs. The EP’s sound is fuller, richer, and more dynamic than “Second Chances,” a testimony to McDonough’s growth as an artist.

“We’ll Answer The Call” is a hidden gem, reminiscent of historical nonfiction author Erik Larson’s style of storytelling. McDonough breathes new life into this enthralling narrative, and his pride for the subject matter is palpable. The first track, “Shooting Star”, is a mesmerizing ode to Rantz, filled with intricate guitar ribbons that tug at the heartstrings. McDonough’s soulful voice transports the listener to Rantz’s world, where we feel the weight of his struggles and victories.

In “Love You Just For You” and “Among The Stars”, McDonough stays true to his Americana roots, delivering endearing and authentic songs that resonate with the underdog spirit. These tracks capture the essence of what the Olympics represents, and McDonough’s meticulous production brings out the best in these songs.

“We’ll Answer The Call”, the EP’s titular track, is a standout masterpiece that showcases McDonough’s vocal prowess and musical genius. The lyrics are poignant, and the music is electrifying, making for an unforgettable experience.

Finally, “Point Me East” brings the EP to a satisfying conclusion, tying together this thrilling story with a bright, hopeful note. “We’ll Answer The Call” is a splendid collection of songs that showcases McDonough’s talent and passion for storytelling. It’s a must-listen for any music lover and history buff alike.

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